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EARTHLOCK Achievements

Find all the EARTHLOCK achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Owls of the Nest Owls of the Nest 0 Complete the game 100
Owl Tide Bestiary Owl Tide Bestiary 0 Defeat one of every enemy 70
Supreme Scavenger Supreme Scavenger 0 Open 50 chests 10
Lango Plantmaster Lango Plantmaster 0 Fully level up every type of plant 10
Diligent Hogbunny Diligent Hogbunny 0 Fill up the garden with plants 10
Great Wave Alumni Great Wave Alumni 0 Craft one of each Perk Talent 40
Champions of Umbra Champions of Umbra 0 Level up all characters to level 20 40
Fearless in Karba Fearless in Karba 0 Fully level up all Bonds between all characters 40
Disciple of the Onurasi Disciple of the Onurasi 0 Completely fill all the Talent Boards 40
Heroic Hoarder Heroic Hoarder 0 Return all barnacles to Plumpet Island 10
Spiritualist of the Sands Spiritualist of the Sands 0 Help 50 ghosts to rest at peace 40
Festival Masters Festival Masters 0 Complete all Tournaments with Gold Ranking 40
Fruits of Labour Fruits of Labour 0 Plant one of each critter plant 10
A Better World A Better World 0 Scavenge all scrap piles 10
Gold Finger Gold Finger 0 Dig up all treasure zones 10
Master Engineer Master Engineer 0 Craft one of each weapon 40
Warden Warden 0 Unlock all prison cells in Karba Prison 70

Secret Achievements

Zabirum Seeker Zabirum Seeker 0 Defeat the Temple Guardian 10
Hogbunny Buddy Hogbunny Buddy 0 Gnart joins the party 10
Gersween's Nest Gersween's Nest 0 Get to Plumpet Island 10
The General's Daughter The General's Daughter 0 Help Ive from the crashed plane 10
A Stormdog's bond A Stormdog's bond 0 Rescue Taika from the goblin 10
The Red-Haired Enigma The Red-Haired Enigma 0 Olia rejoins the party 10
Ancient Sentient Support Ancient Sentient Support 0 Assemble PAT 10
House In Order House In Order 0 Liberate the Great Wave 10
Shielded by Lÿs Shielded by Lÿs 0 Lady Lumia crafts the Lys Aegis Talent 40
Inside Maáto's Mind Inside Maáto's Mind 0 Get to the Memory Chamber 40
Gardener of Lango Gardener of Lango 0 Harvest 10 000 fruits 10
Custodian of Scrollroads Custodian of Scrollroads 0 Defeat the Mushriga 40
Konkylian Custodian Konkylian Custodian 0 Defeat the Hollow Knight 70
Critter King Critter King 0 Release all the Golden Bibis 10
Well Traveled Well Traveled 0 Get all the mementos 70
Art Director Art Director 0 Get all the paintings for Plumpet Library 10
Family Ties Family Ties 0 Cure Benjo and rescue Bran 40