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Agatha Knife Achievements

Find all the Agatha Knife achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Secret Achievements

Redeeming Cheese Redeeming Cheese 0 You put a candle on a cheese. 20
Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular Activities 0 You signed up for the course on creating religions. 50
Pigacide Pigacide 0 You killed a pig. 20
Dormant Imaginarium Dormant Imaginarium 0 You met the Great Bleeding Pig. 50
BFF BFF 0 You hung out with Nika. 20
Payday Payday 0 You broke the piggy bank and collected your savings. 20
DJ Insomnia DJ Insomnia 0 You changed the music at the burger bar. 20
Burning Money Burning Money 0 You bought a ticket for the Fat Black Cat lottery. 20
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 You found the library access card. 20
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 You gave the library access card back. 20
Stan Lee Stan Lee 0 You met one of the game's creators. 20
Awesome HQ Awesome HQ 0 You found Sandro in a circus caravan. 20
Psychography Psychography 0 You created the sacred book of Carnivorism. 50
Assassin's Greed Assassin's Greed 0 You discovered the dog meat scandal. 20
KHM 027 KHM 027 0 You won a ticket to the zoo. 20
112358 112358 0 You got a machine to prepare two thousand burgers a day. 20
Happy meal Happy meal 0 You made dad lion happy. 20
Little Entrepreneur Little Entrepreneur 0 The butcher's is in your name. 50
Faith Moves Mountains Faith Moves Mountains 0 You discovered the Allen family farm. 20
Private Party Private Party 0 You handed out invites to the animals at the farm. 50
Beach Body Beach Body 0 You got stuck in the lift. 20
The Book of Books The Book of Books 0 You found the Enigmarillion. 20
Licence to Read Licence to Read 0 You made your own library card. 20
New Look New Look 0 You pretended to be Nika at the library, and got away with it. 20
The Habit Makes the Monk The Habit Makes the Monk 0 You have a carnivorist habit that fits. 50
Trust Me, I'm an Engineer Trust Me, I'm an Engineer 0 You got the farm watermill to work. 20
Mystical Link Mystical Link 0 You convinced the pig to be the martyr of Carnivorism. 50
The Prophetess of Carnivorism The Prophetess of Carnivorism 0 You created your own religion. 100
Skeptic Skeptic 0 You didn't want Sandro to read the cards. 75
The Richest Girl in the Cemetery The Richest Girl in the Cemetery 0 You didn't spend any money. 75