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Trailblazers Achievements

Find all the Trailblazers achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Blazed Donut Blazed Donut 0 Finished a lap in 10 seconds or less on Robo Ringway. 75
Boooo! Boooo! 0 Finished in 6th place for every single lap in a race, whilst playing as Boo. 25
Drag Queen Drag Queen 0 Drove at max boost for 15 seconds, whilst playing as Empress. 75
Eight Sides To Every Story Eight Sides To Every Story 0 Completed all Story chapters. 125
Formula Won Formula Won 0 Completed all Cup chapters. 125
Gatecrasher Gatecrasher 0 Activated 50 Paint Gates in a Gate Chase race. 75
Gold Standard Gold Standard 0 Unlocked all Gold Tournament Tokens. 200
Hot On The Trail Hot On The Trail 0 Finished 3 laps in a row in 2nd place. 25
Paint The Town Red Paint The Town Red 0 Scored the most Paint Points whilst on red team on a city track. 50
Pass With Flying Colours Pass With Flying Colours 0 Finished a race in 1st place. 25
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 Finished in 1st place in a one-lap race on Robo Ringway, whilst playing as Volta. 50
Token Gesture Token Gesture 0 Unlocked all Tournament Tokens. 150