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Defiance 2050 Achievements

Find all the Defiance 2050 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Legend of Defiance Legend of Defiance 0 Complete all other achievements 160
Holy Shtako! Holy Shtako! 0 Complete the tutorial 15
Who... Are You? Who... Are You? 0 Kill Nim 80
Overdosing Overdosing 0 Complete any co-op map 15
Super Excited Super Excited 0 Complete all co-op maps 30
Individual Pursuit Individual Pursuit 0 Complete your first pursuit in the Bay Area 15
Pursuit of Excellence Pursuit of Excellence 0 Complete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Executive Wash Room Executive Wash Room 0 Complete any daily contract 15
Seven Days a Week Seven Days a Week 0 Complete 4 weekly contracts 15
Key to Paradise Key to Paradise 0 Max out reputation with 1 faction 15
Widely Regarded Widely Regarded 0 Max out reputation with 4 factions 30
Arkhunting Arkhunting 0 Complete your first minor arkfall in the Bay Area 15
Arkhunting Party Arkhunting Party 0 Complete your first major arkfall in the Bay Area 15
Arkhunting Safari Arkhunting Safari 0 Complete 10 major arkfalls in the Bay Area 15
Abundance of EGO Abundance of EGO 0 Earn 50 perks 80
Stroking Your EGO Stroking Your EGO 0 Fully upgrade an ability 15
EGO Maniac EGO Maniac 0 Max out a class 30
EGOtistical EGOtistical 0 Get to EGO level 10 15
EGOcentric Arkhunter EGOcentric Arkhunter 0 Get to EGO level 50 80
Wait For It… Wait For It… 0 Equip your first legendary weapon 30
Shoot to Skill Shoot to Skill 0 Reach level 20 in any weapon skill 30
Calculated Killer Calculated Killer 0 Kill 10,000 enemies 30
A Friend in Need A Friend in Need 0 Revive another player outside the tutorial 15
Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows 0 Capture 50 points in PvP 15
Upper Echelon Upper Echelon 0 Kill 100 players in PVP 15
Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! 0 Jump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles 15
Monolithic Landmark Monolithic Landmark 0 Cross the Golden Gate Bridge 15
Caste Master Caste Master 0 Complete the "Thorn Liro Thawandaye II" pursuit 30
Master of War Master of War 0 Kill the Volge Warmaster and a Volge Huntmaster 30
Incursion-Excursion Incursion-Excursion 0 Complete 25 sieges 30
The General The General 0 Complete the "The Defiant Few II" pursuit 30
The Lion's Claw The Lion's Claw 0 Complete "The Lion's Claw II" pursuit 30

Secret Achievements

Pursuit of Happiness Pursuit of Happiness 0 Complete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area 15