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Twin Mirror Achievements

Full list of Twin Mirror achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Twin Mirror has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Way back home Way back home 0 Finish the "Memory lane" scene 20
Raise a glass Raise a glass 0 Finish the "Raise a glass" scene 20
Things could be worse Things could be worse 0 Finish the "Wake up!" scene 20
Knowledge is power Knowledge is power 0 Finish the "Ghosts" scene 20
Nice catch Nice catch 0 Finish the "To catch a fish" scene 20
Trial by fire Trial by fire 0 Finish the “Refuge” scene 20
No stone unturned No stone unturned 0 Explore all the endings 100
Lost and found Lost and found 0 Find one memento 10
Full house Full house 0 Find all the mementos 100
A blast from the past A blast from the past 0 Relive one memory 10
Cherish your memories Cherish your memories 0 Relive all your memories 50

Secret Achievements

No place like home No place like home 0 Stay in your hometown 50
Onwards and upwards Onwards and upwards 0 Leave for pastures new 50
You'll never be alone You'll never be alone 0 You've chosen your social self 100
Truth is everything Truth is everything 0 You've chosen your analytical self 100
Straight shooter Straight shooter 0 You've made 60% of your decisions as your analytical self 50
Manners make the man Manners make the man 0 You've made 60% of your decisions as your social self 50
Master negotiator Master negotiator 0 You kept Anna alive by putting yourself in your opponent's shoes 30
Presence of mind Presence of mind 0 You kept Anna alive by outsmarting your opponent 30
A foot in the door A foot in the door 0 Find your way out of the infinite hallway without help 30
Waka waka Waka waka 0 Play an old favorite 30
Super sleuth Super sleuth 0 Reconstruct Dennis's murder without help 30
Smooth talker Smooth talker 0 Talk to Anna without asking for advice 30
Code breaker Code breaker 0 Crack the code on Nick's fishing bag on your first try 30