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11-11: Memories Retold Achievements

Find all the 11-11: Memories Retold achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 0 You found all the collectibles from Part I 30
Explorer Explorer 0 You found all the collectibles from Part II 30
Adventurer Adventurer 0 You found all the collectibles from Part III 30
Historian Historian 0 You found all the collectibles 50
Part I Part I 0 You completed all chapters of Part I 40
Part II Part II 0 You completed all chapters of Part II 40
Part III Part III 0 You completed all chapters of Part III 40
Captain of the Sea Captain of the Sea 0 You avoided all the mines 15
Health Warning Health Warning 0 You did some business with Joe 15
Childhood Friend Childhood Friend 0 You went into Julia's room 15
Top Floor Please Top Floor Please 0 You used one of the lifts on Vimy Ridge 15
Hello kitty! Hello kitty! 0 You took a picture of Lotty in the Vimy trenches 15
Pen Pal Pen Pal 0 You sent two pictures to Julia 15
And Your Enemies Closer... And Your Enemies Closer... 0 You took a picture of Kurt in "The Collapse" 15
Dance Revolution Dance Revolution 0 You performed all the dance moves in the cabaret 15
Feline Therapy Feline Therapy 0 As Lotty, you comforted the soldier under the tree 15
Out of ammo Out of ammo 0 You filled your roll 15
Fresh air Fresh air 0 You cut the gas in Passchendaele 15
Bridge Club Bridge Club 0 You won against the old ladies in Kurt's village 15
Generous Generous 0 You gave some chocolate to a german soldier 15
All-in All-in 0 You won all the card games 15
Goaaaal Goaaaal 0 You scored with the hidden football in Paris 15
The Pied Piper The Pied Piper 0 You caught a rat in the tunnels 15
Burn It All Burn It All 0 You brought all four pieces of wood to the oven 15

Secret Achievements

Homeward Bound Homeward Bound 0 You chose to go home to Julia 10
Friendship Friendship 0 You chose to go and save Kurt 10
Betrayal Betrayal 0 You unlocked the betrayal ending 30
Sacrifice Sacrifice 0 You unlocked the sacrifice ending 30
Revenge Revenge 0 You unlocked the revenge ending 30
Grudge Grudge 0 You unlocked the grudge ending 30
Peace Peace 0 You unlocked the peace ending 30
Lone Avenger Lone Avenger 0 You unlocked the lone avenger ending 30
Forgiven Forgiven 0 You unlocked the forgiven ending 30
Invincible Invincible 0 You finished Vimy battle without dying 15
Closure Closure 0 You found all the missing boys from your village 15
Red Cross Red Cross 0 You helped Daniel in Passchendaele 15
So near and yet so far So near and yet so far 0 You almost got out of the church 15
A Credit To You A Credit To You 0 You watched all the credits 15
Greengrocer Greengrocer 0 You took all the apples back to Lucie 15
Puurrfect Puurrfect 0 You purred with Lotty 15
Jammed Jammed 0 You cut the german communication 15
Lest we forget Lest we forget 0 You pulled the cart of crosses in the cemetery 15
My Saviour My Saviour 0 You saved Lothar during the Battle of Vimy Ridge 15
Unforgettable Luncheon Unforgettable Luncheon 0 You found the hidden food stash in the tunnels 15
Ludicrous Display Ludicrous Display 0 You kicked the football in the POW camp 15
Might is Right Might is Right 0 You threatened the soldier three times to learn the truth 15
Ghost In The Way Ghost In The Way 0 You collided with 20 ghosts or more 15
The Sorrow The Sorrow 0 You didn't collide with any ghosts 15
Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness 0 You listened to Barrett's tearful account of the lives lost under his command 15
Chekhov's Gun Chekhov's Gun 0 You took a photo of the rifle on Kurt's kitchen wall in "The Pursuit" and fired it in "Peace" 15