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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Achievements

Full list of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr has 89 achievements worth 2680 gamerscore

No Escape No Escape 0 You have killed 50 enemies while they are in cover. 10
Verminslayer Verminslayer 0 You have killed 2500 Horde type enemies. 10
Reaper Reaper 0 You have killed 250 Champion enemies. 15
Where It Hurts Where It Hurts 0 You have killed 50 Commander enemies. 20
Cull the Strong Cull the Strong 0 You have killed 100 Elite creatures. 20
Hunter of Hunters Hunter of Hunters 0 You have killed 5 Boss creatures. 25
Ranged Avenger Ranged Avenger 0 You have killed 5000 enemies with ranged skills. 30
Relentless Slaughter Relentless Slaughter 0 You have killed 5000 enemies with melee skills. 30
Judge and Jury Judge and Jury 0 You have executed 50 enemies. 20
Veteran of Battles Veteran of Battles 0 You have completed 50 multiplayer missions. 25
Couch Warriors Couch Warriors 0 You have completed a mission in local coop. 5
Saviour Saviour 0 You have revived each other 50 times. 15
Stalwart Servant Stalwart Servant 0 You have completed 25 events. 10
Efficient Operative Efficient Operative 0 You have completed a Priority Assignment on Impossible difficulty or higher. 25
Invincible Invincible 0 You have completed 25 missions without dying. 30
Uprooting Evil Uprooting Evil 0 You have completed 5 Priority Assignments. 20
Perfect Record Perfect Record 0 You have completed an entire Priority Assignment sequence without dying. 20
The Emperor's Wrath The Emperor's Wrath 0 You have completed 10 Investigations on the highest difficulty. 25
All Kinds of Trouble All Kinds of Trouble 0 You have completed at least one mission from every type on the StarMap. 20
Visionary Visionary 0 You have completed 10 Void Crusade missions. 20
Brother in Arms Brother in Arms 0 You have joined a Cabal. 5
For the Cabal For the Cabal 0 You have completed 10 Cabal directives. 30
Cheating Death Cheating Death 0 You have dealt with 50 traps. 15
Ordnance Seeker Ordnance Seeker 0 You have opened 100 supply chests. 10
Demolisher Demolisher 0 You have blown up 250 explosive containers. 10
Magos Biologis Magos Biologis 0 You have used Booster type Inoculator component 250 times. 10
Grenadier Grenadier 0 You have killed 1000 enemies with grenade. 20
Chosen Warrior Chosen Warrior 0 You have equipped your first Relic item. 10
Technoarcheologist Technoarcheologist 0 You have crafted 25 items. 10
Forge Lord Forge Lord 0 You have fused a socket into a Relic item. 10
Hero of the Imperium Hero of the Imperium 0 You have acquired 5000 Fate points. 20
No Turning Back No Turning Back 0 You have reached Inquisitorial Rank 20 with one character. 20
Lexico Arcanus Lexico Arcanus 0 You have learnt all the skills from a single Skilltree. 20
Bibliophiliac Bibliophiliac 0 You have unlocked all Skilltrees. 30
Mechasapient Mechasapient 0 You have researched 10 Techtree upgrades. 20
Tough Choices Tough Choices 0 You have reached the end of the Puritan or Radical axis on the Morality Chart. 20
Glorious Glorious 0 You have reached the maximum points in a Weekly Glory challenge. 30
Sacred Fury Sacred Fury 0 You have achieved "Killstreak" bonus 30 times. 20
Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice 0 You have achieved "Massacre" bonus for the first time. 10
Death Incarnated Death Incarnated 0 You have achieved "Angel of Death" bonus 30 times. 20
Untouchable Untouchable 0 You have achieved "Unbreakable" bonus 30 times. 20
Perils of the Warp Perils of the Warp 0 You have created 100 warp anomalies. 20
Assisted Redemption Assisted Redemption 0 You have killed 1000 enemies while in Embodied Saint form (Battle Sister only). 30
Demonstration of Purity Demonstration of Purity 0 You've killed 50 Chaos Engine Elites while under the effect of an Act of Faith (Battle Sister only). 100
Display of Valour Display of Valour 0 You have activated 100 Killstreak bonus (Battle Sister only). 30
Exemplary Devotion Exemplary Devotion 0 You have generated 10.000 Faith (Battle Sister only). 50
Hallowed Rejuvenation Hallowed Rejuvenation 0 You have gained 100.000 Health from Banners (Battle Sister only). 100
Symbols of the Creed Symbols of the Creed 0 You have deployed 150 Banners (Battle Sister only). 80
Tapestry of Vengeance Tapestry of Vengeance 0 You have killed 500 enemies while standing within your Banner's range (Battle Sister only). 80
The Emperor's Bride The Emperor's Bride 0 You have transformed into Embodied Saint form 100 times (Battle Sister only). 50
Tools of Retribution Tools of Retribution 0 You have killed 500 enemies with Combo Weapons (Battle Sister only). 30
Journey of Faith Journey of Faith 0 You have reached maximum level as a Battle Sister. 200
ONLY WAR ONLY WAR 0 You have reached Rank 50 and completed a mission in a Warzone. 40
Deliverance Deliverance 0 You have eradicated the Coterie of Dissonance from the Triglav Subsector. 90
Scourge of the Drukhari Scourge of the Drukhari 0 You have killed 1000 Dark Eldar enemies. 50
Sweet Pain Sweet Pain 0 You have destroyed 100 Pain Catalysts in the City of Suffering (DLC required). 30
Harvester of Pain and Glory Harvester of Pain and Glory 0 You have reached 1500 Score in the City of Suffering (DLC required). 50
A Forgotten Place A Forgotten Place 0 You have unlocked the Agartha Subsector. 30
The Blood Must Flow The Blood Must Flow 0 You have killed 1000 Khorne enemies. 50
Master Datasmith Master Datasmith 0 You have killed 2500 Enemies by your Kastelan Robots (Tech-Adept only) 20
Knight of the Cog Knight of the Cog 0 You have killed 20 Elite enemies on your level or higher (Tech-Adept only) 15
Cognis Protocol Cognis Protocol 0 Completed a mission using only your Construct Turrets on your level or higher (Tech-Adept only) 30
Unmarred Corpus Unmarred Corpus 0 You have completed 5 missions without taking any Melee damage (Tech-Adept only) 20
STC Specialist STC Specialist 0 You have summoned 1000 Constructs (Tech-Adept only) 15
Unyielding Legion Unyielding Legion 0 You have completed 25 missions without loosing a single Construct (Tech-Adept only) 50

Secret Achievements

The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens 0 You have saved Caius Thorn and left the "Martyr". 5
All Matters Biological All Matters Biological 0 You have found Metrodora Thelema. 5
Servant of the Omnissiah Servant of the Omnissiah 0 You have found Omicron Arkh. 5
Adept of the Lost Arts Adept of the Lost Arts 0 You have unlocked Uther's Tarot. 10
Lord Inquisitor Lord Inquisitor 0 You have found Lord Inquisitor Klosterheim. 10
Questionable Intents Questionable Intents 0 You have senteced Klosterheim to death. 10
A Dedicated Warrior A Dedicated Warrior 0 You have released Klosterheim. 10
Judgement Has Been Served Judgement Has Been Served 0 You have killed Flavius Draken. 10
Radical Methods Radical Methods 0 You have released Flavius Draken. 10
The Key The Key 0 You have found the Rosette of Uther Tiberius. 20
Chamber of Secrets Chamber of Secrets 0 You have entered the Stasis Chamber. 20
There Is No Other Way There Is No Other Way 0 You have left the Alpha Pariah with Lord Klosterheim. 30
Uther's Vision Uther's Vision 0 You have left the Alpha Pariah with the Machine Spirit of the "Martyr". 30
Chaos Undivided Chaos Undivided 0 You have killed Lord Antaroz, the Black Legion warlord. 10
The Emperor’s Justice The Emperor’s Justice 0 You have made a decision regarding the fate of a Psyker in the service of the Drukhari. 30
Painkiller Painkiller 0 You have sabotaged the Drukhari master plan and destroyed all of the Pain Catalysts. 50
Careful, Thorn! Careful, Thorn! 0 You have judged Caius Thorn for his disobedience. 50
Vengeance for the Stormwatchers Vengeance for the Stormwatchers 0 You have killed Kairn Golgarth, the Voidripper warlord. 90
The Bigger They Are… The Bigger They Are… 0 You have destroyed Abraxas, the infamous Chaos Knight. 50
Prophecy Fulfilled Prophecy Fulfilled 0 You have closed the Dark Nexus and witnessed the fate of the Alpha Pariah 100
Secret Found and Lost Secret Found and Lost 0 You have discovered the mysterious "Martyr" (Tech-Adept only) 10
The Primogenitor The Primogenitor 0 You have survived the first encounter with Fabius Bile 20
Gift of the Harlequin Gift of the Harlequin 0 You have seized the ancient prophecy about the Alpha Pariah 30
There is No Truth in Flesh There is No Truth in Flesh 0 You have judged the renegade Tech-Priest known as the "Savant" 50