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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Achievements

Full list of Valkyria Chronicles 4 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Valkyrian Chronicler Valkyrian Chronicler 0 Obtained all Achievements. 100
War Hero War Hero 0 Obtained all decorations. 80
Ace Fighter Ace Fighter 0 Defeated an enemy ace for the first time. 10
Ace Killer Ace Killer 0 Defeated 15 enemy aces. 30
Agent of Destruction Agent of Destruction 0 Defeated 1000 enemy units. 30
Daring Rescuer Daring Rescuer 0 Rescued 10 allies in critical condition. 10
War Correspondent War Correspondent 0 Watched all event scenes. 80
Hidden Depths Hidden Depths 0 Completed a squad story for the first time. 10
Squad E, All Present Squad E, All Present 0 Recruited all squad members. 30
First of Many First of Many 0 Used R&D Facility for the first time. 10
Arms Racer Arms Racer 0 Obtained all infantry weapons. 30
The Hafen Reborn The Hafen Reborn 0 Developed the Hafen into a heavy tank. 10
Ultimate Tank Squad Ultimate Tank Squad 0 Obtained all tank parts. 30
The Federation's Secret Weapon The Federation's Secret Weapon 0 Obtained all ship parts. 30
A Fruitful Chat A Fruitful Chat 0 Learned an order at the Mess Hall for the first time. 10
Military Exemplar Military Exemplar 0 Learned all orders. 30
Upward Mobility Upward Mobility 0 One of your squadmates was promoted to Corporal. 10
Veteran Soldier Veteran Soldier 0 One of your classes was promoted to Elite status. 10
Legendary Soldier Legendary Soldier 0 One of your classes was promoted to Paragon status. 30
True Rangers True Rangers 0 All of your classes were upgraded to max level. 80
War Profiteer War Profiteer 0 Earned 1,000,000 DCT cumulatively. 10
Capable Commander Capable Commander 0 Obtained an A rank on a mission for the first time. 10
Pride of the Federation Pride of the Federation 0 Obtained A ranks on 20 missions. 30
The Empire's Worst Nightmare The Empire's Worst Nightmare 0 Obtained A ranks on all missions. 80
Damage Control Damage Control 0 Completed 10 missions without anyone in critical condition. 10
Naval Coordination Naval Coordination 0 Gave ship orders 15 times. 10
Follow my lead! Follow my lead! 0 Gave direct commands 15 times. 10
That's an order, soldier! That's an order, soldier! 0 Gave orders 15 times. 10
Martyr's Courage Martyr's Courage 0 Triggered a Last Stand 15 times. 10

Secret Achievements

The Battle of Siegval The Battle of Siegval 0 Completed Chapter 4, and won the battle of Siegval. 10
A March in the Snow A March in the Snow 0 Completed Chapter 7, and rendezvoused with the Centurion. 10
The Sea Fortress The Sea Fortress 0 Completed Chapter 11, and made it past the Sea Fortress. 10
A Reason to Fight A Reason to Fight 0 Completed Chapter 15, and defeated both Walz and Crymaria. 10
The Final Choice The Final Choice 0 Completed Chapter 17, and witnessed the end of the war. 10
Devotion Devotion 0 Completed Chapter 18, and ended Belgar's dark ambitions. 80
Our War's End Our War's End 0 Kept your promise with Riley Miller. 30