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Asdivine Hearts Achievements

Find all the Asdivine Hearts achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 Watch the opening. 50
A Fluffy Deity? A Fluffy Deity? 0 Meet the self-proclaimed deity. 50
All Together All Together 0 Complete the party. 50

Secret Achievements

Parallel World Parallel World 0 Arrive at Reveria for the first time. 50
The Balance of the World The Balance of the World 0 Return to Asdivine again. 50
Feelings Conveyed Feelings Conveyed 0 Obtain Stella's normal ending. 50
Distance Reduced Distance Reduced 0 Obtain Uriel's normal ending. 50
Changeless Warmness Changeless Warmness 0 Obtain Celine's normal ending. 50
Deity of the Pillars Deity of the Pillars 0 Obtain Felix's normal ending. 50
Hearts as One Hearts as One 0 Obtain the normal ending. 50
Last Chapter, and to Another One Last Chapter, and to Another One 0 Obtain Stella's true ending. 100
Love Story Love Story 0 Obtain Uriel's true ending. 100
Forever Forever 0 Obtain Celine's true ending. 100
The Deity in Love The Deity in Love 0 Obtain Felix's true ending. 100
A New Adventure A New Adventure 0 Obtain the true ending. 100