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Find all the METAL WOLF CHAOS XD achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Presidential Soul Presidential Soul 0 Complete all levels on Hell difficulty 30
Motivated Motivated 0 Complete all levels with S rank 90
Earn This Earn This 0 Rescue all POWs 25
New World Hoarder New World Hoarder 0 Collect all Energy Cores 25
Investor Investor 0 Upgrade all manufactures 25
Lord of War Lord of War 0 Acquire all weapons 90
Alien Hunter Alien Hunter 0 Capture all aliens 25
Rock band Rock band 0 Rescue 5 musicians 15
First Million First Million 0 Score 1 000 000 Presidential Points 30
Corsair Corsair 0 Sink all patrol boats in Miami with Cannon gun 15
OnePunchWolf OnePunchWolf 0 Destroy target with a single Stomp Attack 15
Air Supremacy Air Supremacy 0 Stomp a flying helicopter 15
Down Periscope Down Periscope 0 Drown a tank 15
Fake News Fake News 0 Destroy DNN helicopter 10 times on the same level 15
You sunk my Battleship! You sunk my Battleship! 0 Destroy the battleship with 3 hits 15
Speedrunner Speedrunner 0 Complete any level under 30 seconds 15
How do you like me now? How do you like me now? 0 Defeat miniboss using Blaze Attack 15
Burning Bridges Burning Bridges 0 Destroy all bridges in Grand Canyon 15
Testing The Waters Testing The Waters 0 Swim on Miami 15
Ring the Bell Ring the Bell 0 Hit the church bell in Phoenix 15
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Complete level without firing a single shot 15
Cowboys & Aliens Cowboys & Aliens 0 Use revolvers to capture an alien in Phoenix while wearing Phoenix suit 15
Martial Artist Martial Artist 0 Stomp 1 000 enemies 15
Medal of Honor Medal of Honor 0 Defeat final boss without losing a single Shield Unit 90

Secret Achievements

Let's Partyyyyy!!! Let's Partyyyyy!!! 0 Complete White House 15
The One Great Sight The One Great Sight 0 Complete Grand Canyon 15
Smash the Island Prison Smash the Island Prison 0 Complete Alcatraz 15
Beacon of hope in your counteroffensive Beacon of hope in your counteroffensive 0 Complete Chinatown (San Francisco) 15
Eagle of the Atlantic Eagle of the Atlantic 0 Complete Miami Beach 15
My Darling Clementine My Darling Clementine 0 Complete Phoenix 15
Chicago Daybreak Chicago Daybreak 0 Complete Chicago 15
Aerial fortress Aerial fortress 0 Complete Houston 15
All night show All night show 0 Complete Las Vegas 15
Freedom and justice in your hands Freedom and justice in your hands 0 Complete Liberty Island 15
White House, I'm back! White House, I'm back! 0 Complete Fight House 15
The Metal Wolf of Wall Street The Metal Wolf of Wall Street 0 Complete New York 15
Bring Fashion Back to the Streets Bring Fashion Back to the Streets 0 Complete Beverly Hills 15
Believe in your own justice! Believe in your own justice! 0 Complete Space Station 15
This is Metal Wolf This is Metal Wolf 0 Die the first time 15
Fail Better Fail Better 0 Fail the same mission 10 times 15
Deserter Deserter 0 Leave battlefield 10 times 15
Hostage Down! Hostage Down! 0 Loose 10 POWs 15
Blindspot Blindspot 0 Get damaged from a mine or kamikaze 30 times 15
You will never be forgiven You will never be forgiven 0 Fail to save White House 15
Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons 0 Destroy father's statue 15
Fathers and Sons XD Fathers and Sons XD 0 Destroy father's statue a second time 15
I Know a Shortcut I Know a Shortcut 0 Discover secret passage in Alcatraz 15