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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Achievements

Find all the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Escaped! Escaped! 0 Complete Tutorial 10
The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens 0 Complete Act 1 20
Striking Back Striking Back 0 Complete Act 2 20
Reikland Rumble Reikland Rumble 0 Complete Act 3 20
The Frozen North The Frozen North 0 Complete Skittergate on Recruit 30
Pact-Smasher Pact-Smasher 0 Complete Skittergate on Veteran 30
Righteous Crusade Righteous Crusade 0 Complete Skittergate on Champion 30
Norscannihilation Norscannihilation 0 Complete Skittergate on Legend 50
Avatar of Drakira Avatar of Drakira 0 Reach level 30 with Kerillian 30
Witch Hunter General Witch Hunter General 0 Reach level 30 with Saltzpyre 30
Champion of Taal Champion of Taal 0 Reach level 30 with Kruber 30
Conflagration of Doom Conflagration of Doom 0 Reach level 30 with Sienna 30
Just Like Cousin Okri Just Like Cousin Okri 0 Reach level 30 with Bardin 30
Pantheon of Heroes Pantheon of Heroes 0 Reach Level 30 with all characters 50
Tempered by War Tempered by War 0 Unlock 1st Talent point 10
Exemplar Exemplar 0 Unlock all Talent points for 1 career 20
Craftsman Craftsman 0 Craft an Item 10
Master Craftsman Master Craftsman 0 Craft 50 items 20
Waste Not, Want Not Waste Not, Want Not 0 Salvage an item 10
Make Do And Mend Make Do And Mend 0 Salvage 100 items 20
My First Wargear My First Wargear 0 Equip a Common Item 10
Quite the Find Quite the Find 0 Equip a Rare Item 10
Heirloom Heirloom 0 Equip an Exotic Item 20
Now You're Showing Off Now You're Showing Off 0 Equip Exotic items in every slot 30
Mark of Expertise Mark of Expertise 0 Equip a Veteran Item 30
Virtuoso Virtuoso 0 Complete a level as every Hero 20
Master of Convergence Master of Convergence 0 Legend: Line up all 3 Athel Yenlui leylines within 30 seconds 10
Cage Breaker Cage Breaker 0 Legend: Rescue all prisoners within 60 seconds on Against the Grain 10
Heldenhammer Time Heldenhammer Time 0 Legend: Have the statue of Sigmar kill 3 Chaos Warriors on Righteous Stand 10
You Take Me Up You Take Me Up 0 Legend: Have 15 enemies be sucked up in one of Halescourge's tornados 10
A Little Something in Your Eye A Little Something in Your Eye 0 Legend: Kill 25 enemies dropping cannonball on heads in Fort Brach. 10
Blessed by the Father Blessed by the Father 0 Legend: One player gets "bathed" by all Nurgle buboes in Festering Ground. 10
Evacuation Bell Evacuation Bell 0 Legend: Destroy the Screaming Bell and escape in less than 75 seconds 10
Feed Me, Sinner! Feed Me, Sinner! 0 Legend: All stand inside the ritual for 120 seconds in Convocation of Decay 10
Glutton: Punishment. Glutton: Punishment. 0 Legend: Ring the dinner bell and kill the Troll in less than 15 seconds 10
Unstoppable. Unsteerable. Unstoppable. Unsteerable. 0 Legend: Have Bödvarr charge into a Chaos Warrior 5 times 10
More Where They Came From. More Where They Came From. 0 Legend: Have Skarrik Spinemanglr kill 40 Skaven 10
Powder Monkey Powder Monkey 0 Legend: Complete Empire in Flames without using any of the event's barrels 10
Ride Together, Die Together Ride Together, Die Together 0 Legend: Kill Deathrattler and then Rasknitt within 20 seconds 10
Empire Resurgent Empire Resurgent 0 Complete the following Helmgart level challenges 50
Firing it Up! Firing it Up! 0 Kill a Warpfire Thrower before he fires 20
Unstable Combustion Unstable Combustion 0 Blow up a Warpfire Thrower by shooting them in the power cell 20
Liberator Liberator 0 Kill a Packmaster abducting an ally 20
All in the Reflexes All in the Reflexes 0 Dodge a Packmaster's hook 20
Caught in the Act Caught in the Act 0 Shoot a Gutter Runner out of the air 20
No Boom Today No Boom Today 0 Kill a suiciding Poison Wind Globadier before he explodes 20
A Gun to a Swordfight A Gun to a Swordfight 0 Kill a Ratling Gunner with your melee weapon 20
Soulsucker Sidestep Soulsucker Sidestep 0 Dodge a Life Leech projectile 20
Enforced Diet Enforced Diet 0 Kill a Life Leech grabbing an ally before they take damage 20
Forecasting Clear Skies Forecasting Clear Skies 0 Kill a Blightstormer while he's conjuring a vortex 20

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Shadows over Bogenhafen

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Bögenhafen Battler Bögenhafen Battler 0 Complete both Bögenhafen missions on recruit difficulty 10
Bögenauer's Brother Bögenauer's Brother 0 Complete both Bögenhafen missions on veteran difficulty 20
Baron's Favour Baron's Favour 0 Complete both Bögenhafen missions on champion difficulty 30
The Freedom of Bögenhafen The Freedom of Bögenhafen 0 Complete both Bögenhafen missions on legend difficulty 50
Journey in the Dark Journey in the Dark 0 Navigate the sewers in The Blightreaper without lighting a single brazier 20
Fast Flipper Fast Flipper 0 Leave no hidden switch unturned for longer than 3 seconds in The Blightreaper end event 30
Ruggbroder '68 Ruggbroder '68 0 Gather all 20 bottles of Ruggbroder 2468 Vintage in one game on The Blightreaper 20
Spray and Pray Spray and Pray 0 Finish The Pit while taking no damage from Ratling Gunners 20
Like Cousin Okri Used To Take Like Cousin Okri Used To Take 0 Find a way into Okri's Secret Stash, somewhere in The Pit 20
Old World Dash: Bögenhafen Old World Dash: Bögenhafen 0 Reach the Bridge of Shadows within 30 seconds of starting the gauntlet on The Pit 30

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Back to Ubersreik

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Let's Do it Again Let's Do it Again 0 Complete all Back To Ubersreik missions on Recruit difficulty 10
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home 0 Complete all Back To Ubersreik missions on Veteran difficulty 20
Back on the Reik Back on the Reik 0 Complete all Back To Ubersreik missions on Champion difficulty 30
Returning to Your Roots Returning to Your Roots 0 Complete all Back To Ubersreik missions on Legend difficulty 50
Scrivener Scrivener 0 Transcribe all three runes onto the Lodestone 20
Barrels of Fun Barrels of Fun 0 Blow the door within 30 seconds of the first barrel dropping on Horn Of Magnus 20
Chainbreaker Chainbreaker 0 Cut down all Cauldron Chains within 5 seconds of each other on Garden of Morr 20
Demolitionist Demolitionist 0 Blow up all three Doom Wheels within 5 seconds of each other on Engines Of War 20
Last Respects Last Respects 0 Find Grandmother Zingler's Bones and Lay Them To Rest 30
Pouch Pilferer Pouch Pilferer 0 Find and survive stealing the Gutter Runner's Stash on Horn of Magnus 30

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Winds of Magic

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Prismatic Portents Prismatic Portents 0 Complete Dark Omens 10
Keepsake Keepsake 0 Find the lost Cameo Pendant 20
Runekeeper Runekeeper 0 Locate all Beastman Runes 20
Herdhome Wrecker Herdhome Wrecker 0 Find the Beastmen Lair 20
Re-Stolen Re-Stolen 0 Recover the Beastmen spoils 20
Off the Beaten Path Off the Beaten Path 0 Reach the crater by an unconventional route 20
Prismatic Paragon Prismatic Paragon 0 Complete 40 unranked weaves 20
Weave Vanguard Weave Vanguard 0 Complete weave 1-20 in ranked mode 30
Weave Conqueror Weave Conqueror 0 Complete weave 1-40 in ranked mode 40
Weave Dominator Weave Dominator 0 Complete weave 1-80 in ranked mode 50