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1979 Revolution: Black Friday Achievements

Find all the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Dark Days Dark Days 0 Complete Chapter 1 10
One of Us One of Us 0 Complete Chapter 2 15
Disco, Of Course Disco, Of Course 0 Complete Chapter 3 15
Not the Iran You Left Not the Iran You Left 0 Complete Chapter 4 15
Glorious Shining Iran Glorious Shining Iran 0 Complete Chapter 5 15
Show the World Show the World 0 Complete Chapter 6 15
Big Brother Big Brother 0 Complete Chapter 7 15
Just a Knock Just a Knock 0 Complete Chapter 8 15
Radio City Cinema Radio City Cinema 0 Complete Chapter 9 15
A Clearer Picture A Clearer Picture 0 Complete Chapter 10 15
Join the Revolution Join the Revolution 0 Complete Chapter 11 15
Pulled the Trigger Pulled the Trigger 0 Complete Chapter 12 15
Recognize This Kid Recognize This Kid 0 Complete Chapter 13 15
The Little Black Fish The Little Black Fish 0 Complete Chapter 14 15
Martial Law Martial Law 0 Complete Chapter 15 15
Black Friday Black Friday 0 Complete Chapter 16 15
High Noon High Noon 0 Complete Chapter 17 15
I Was Dead I Was Dead 0 Complete Chapter 18 15
The End The End 0 Complete Chapter 19 90
Ostad: Story Master Ostad: Story Master 0 Unlock all stories in 1979 Revolution: Black Friday 90
Shekamu: The Foodie Shekamu: The Foodie 0 Unlock all stories about Iranian food and drink. 30
Jaasoos: The Spy Jaasoos: The Spy 0 Unlock all stories relating to the secret police and secret operations. 30
Roshanfekr: The Intellectual Roshanfekr: The Intellectual 0 Unlock all political exploration points. 30
Enghelabi: The Revolutionary Enghelabi: The Revolutionary 0 Unlock all stories relating to revolutionaries or revolutionary activity. 30
Khodemooni: The People Person Khodemooni: The People Person 0 Interact with everyone on the streets and the rebel headquarters. 15
Heepster: The Hipster Heepster: The Hipster 0 Unlock all pop culture related exploration points. 30
Akaas: The Photographer Akaas: The Photographer 0 Unlock all photo stories by taking every possible photo. 30
Hajji: The Pilgrim Hajji: The Pilgrim 0 Unlock all stories relating to religion or clerical leaders 30
Taghooti: The Royalist Taghooti: The Royalist 0 Unlock all stories relating to the Shah and the royal family. 30
Sarbaaz: The Soldier Sarbaaz: The Soldier 0 Unlock all stories relating to the military. 30
Foozool: The Snoop Foozool: The Snoop 0 Explore all the areas in the Home exploration. 15
Pahlevoon: The Hero Pahlevoon: The Hero 0 Never fail a fight or run into an obstacle. 90

Secret Achievements

Mazloom: The Pacifist Mazloom: The Pacifist 0 You made all peaceful choices. 30
Vahshi: The Savage Vahshi: The Savage 0 You made all violent choices. 30
Agha Doktor: The Doctor Agha Doktor: The Doctor 0 Successfully pass both trauma gameplays. 15
Jam Konandeh: The Collector Jam Konandeh: The Collector 0 Collect all the Khomeini tapes. 30
Baradar: My Brother Baradar: My Brother 0 You saved Hossein. 15
Doshman: My Enemy Doshman: My Enemy 0 You saved Ali. 15
Namard: The Coward Namard: The Coward 0 Fully cooperate with Hajj. 30