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Shadows: Awakening Achievements

Full list of Shadows: Awakening achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shadows: Awakening has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Devourer of Puppets Devourer of Puppets 0 Unlock 8 Puppets in one playthrough. 30
To be continued... To be continued... 0 Complete Book One. 30
Relics of the Fallen Relics of the Fallen 0 Activate All Cenotaphs. 30
Novice Novice 0 Reach level 10 with any Puppet. 10
Skilled Skilled 0 Reach level 20 with any Puppet. 30
Mastered Mastered 0 Reach level 30 with any Puppet. 50
First Day First Day 0 Earn second level. 10
Specialist Specialist 0 Max out one of your Skills with any Puppet. 10
The Eye of Worlds The Eye of Worlds 0 Witness all three main endings. 90
The End? The End? 0 Complete Book Two. 30
Oldschool Oldschool 0 Complete Both Books in Oldschool Mode. 30
The Heretic Kingdoms The Heretic Kingdoms 0 Complete the game on Extreme difficulty. 60
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Destroy 1,000 environmental objects. 15
Glorious Erudition Glorious Erudition 0 Learn all about the Heretic Kingdoms by reading every book. 20
Rat Plague Rat Plague 0 Cleanse the world of 100 rats. 10
Insecticide Insecticide 0 Kill 1,000 vermin-type enemies. 10
Nobody expected this... Nobody expected this... 0 Equip a character with a full set of the legendary Inquisition armor. 20
Harmony in Parsimony Harmony in Parsimony 0 Have 300,000 gold available to spend. 20
Darius and Falon Darius and Falon 0 Unlock Darius and Falon. 10
Wood 'n' Wasp Wood 'n' Wasp 0 Unlock Wasp and Wood Elemental. 10
Git gud! Git gud! 0 Lose 20 Puppets in a single playthrough. Lose, or misplace? 10
Believer? Or Sucker? Believer? Or Sucker? 0 Throw 999 silver into the well in the House Cellar. 30
Got Gud Got Gud 0 Complete the game on at least Hard difficulty with no puppet deaths. Because reasons. 60
Realm of Indecision Realm of Indecision 0 Switch between Shadow and Mortal Realm 10,000 times. Did you forget something? 10

Secret Achievements

I Command Thee! I Command Thee! 0 Unlock the Ishkai Sniper soul. 10
Beguile the Serpent Wyrm Beguile the Serpent Wyrm 0 Avoid fighting Graabak. 20
Raid the Imperial Tombs Raid the Imperial Tombs 0 Learn the secret of Evia's death. 20
Regain the Guild Regain the Guild 0 Return Kalig to the head of the Guild of Steel with at least one of the mercenaries surviving. 20
Restore House Malfagon Restore House Malfagon 0 Have an old friend rescue House Malfagon from its enemies - and it's own ambition. 20
Veteran's Day Veteran's Day 0 Avoid fighting the Werewolf Berserkers. 20
Sympathy for the Sura Sympathy for the Sura 0 Talk to Korshak having slain no-one that Falon knows. 20
The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Successfully escape Thole. 10
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia 0 Defeat the Aphotic Spider Queen and her minions. 20
Catch This! Catch This! 0 Defeat the Scorpion King. 20
The Lord of Suffering The Lord of Suffering 0 Acquire the Reaper sword. 20
Zaar Gets Lucky! Zaar Gets Lucky! 0 Have Zaar fulfill his most fervent desire. 10
Liberate Corwenth Liberate Corwenth 0 Have Darius liberate all of Corwenth from the demon invasion. 20
We Must Become Stronger We Must Become Stronger 0 Defeat Evanger. 10
We Deserve to Die We Deserve to Die 0 Defeat Valkarin. 10
The Last Greyclaw's Staff The Last Greyclaw's Staff 0 Recover the Shaman's Staff. 20
Demise of the Demontamer Demise of the Demontamer 0 Defeat Aknush. 20
Espionage Espionage 0 Successfully infiltrate the Penta Nera's convocation. 15
Dracon Tamer Dracon Tamer 0 Unlock Draconian. 30
Devil Devil 0 Revel in the gloom; sate those base desires! 15
Angel Angel 0 Purify your form; perfection is your playground. 15