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Project Highrise: Architect's Edition Achievements

Full list of Project Highrise: Architect's Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Project Highrise: Architect's Edition has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Penthouse in the Sky Penthouse in the Sky 0 Move in a luxury loft apartment 20
Artfully Done Artfully Done 0 Place an artwork 15
Decorator's Touch Decorator's Touch 0 Have all of the small artworks in one building 30
Curated Class Curated Class 0 Have all of the medium artworks in one building 90
Plaza Plan Plaza Plan 0 Place an outdoor plaza 15
Careful Constructor Careful Constructor 0 Built a 50-story building 30
Such Great Heights Such Great Heights 0 Build a 100-story building 90
Floor Galore Floor Galore 0 Have a building with 500 tiles 15
Under One Roof Under One Roof 0 Have a building with 2,500 tiles 30
Cashflow Chief Cashflow Chief 0 Reached $50,000 in daily revenues 15
Revenue Royalty Revenue Royalty 0 Reached $100,000 in daily revenues 30
It is Payday It is Payday 0 Reached $200,000 in daily revenues 90
In the Black In the Black 0 Rent revenues exceed daily expenses 15
Swimming in Surplus Swimming in Surplus 0 Reached $25,000 in daily profits 20
Profound Proceeds Profound Proceeds 0 Reached $50,000 in daily profits 90
Don't Feel a Loan Don't Feel a Loan 0 Take and fully repay a loan 15
Meet Me at HQ Meet Me at HQ 0 Move in a headquarters office 20
People Mover People Mover 0 Reached 250 population 30
Master of Puppets Master of Puppets 0 Reached 500 population 90
Your Prestige is Rising Your Prestige is Rising 0 Achieve prestige of 10 15
Established Fame Established Fame 0 Achieve prestige of 20 30
Sky High Stature Sky High Stature 0 Achieve prestige of 50 90
Potent Potables Potent Potables 0 Move in a restaurant with a bar 15
Starred Dining Starred Dining 0 Move in a gourmet restaurant 20
Leveled Up Shops Leveled Up Shops 0 Have a two-floor store 15
Boutique Benefits Boutique Benefits 0 Move in a luxury store 20
Golden Opportunity Golden Opportunity 0 Earn a gold medal finish in one scenario 15
Scenario Success Scenario Success 0 Earn a gold medal in five scenarios 30