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ADIOS Amigos Achievements

Full list of ADIOS Amigos achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

ADIOS Amigos has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Amazing Discoverer Amazing Discoverer 0 Been there, done that 100
Experienced Explorer Experienced Explorer 0 Found 50% of all discoveries 30
Hello Ithaca! Hello Ithaca! 0 Completed the Odyssey 30
The Scenic Route The Scenic Route 0 Completed the Odyssey without using shortcuts 66
Relaxing Times Relaxing Times 0 Completed the Voyage 30
In Need of a Vacation In Need of a Vacation 0 Completed the Voyage without using shortcuts 60
Peace of Mind Peace of Mind 0 Completed the Endeavor 99
A Secret Sign A Secret Sign 0 Followed a sign to a secret solar system 15
Asteroid Omelette Asteroid Omelette 0 Cracked open an asteroid to reveal the goodies inside 15
Mechanic & Thief Mechanic & Thief 0 Repaired a space probe and drained energy from it 15
Mass to the Masses Mass to the Masses 0 Started a fashion trend 30
Oddjob Oddjob 0 Defended yourself using M.A.D. 7
Serious Sun Surfing Serious Sun Surfing 0 Successfully scanned a sun without taking damage 15
Take Me to Your Leader Take Me to Your Leader 0 Discovered all aliens and fossils 60
Outta Time Outta Time 0 Finished Odyssey in less than 20 in-game minutes without starting from a shortcut 88
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth 0 Traveled through a wormhole to get holes in your teeth 30
Petunia Hat-Trick Petunia Hat-Trick 0 Found three potted plants and traveled to a secret world 42
There are Only Two Possible Outcomes There are Only Two Possible Outcomes 0 Crash landed a space station using its thrusters. No harm no foul. 30
Into the Light Into the Light 0 Explore the interior of a space station 15
I got the power! I got the power! 0 Disconnected a space station battery and used its power 30
Gardeners of the Galaxy Gardeners of the Galaxy 0 Found the home world of the galaxy caretakers 60
The Blob Whisperer The Blob Whisperer 0 Established communication with a Blob commander 120
I hate space I hate space 0 Fell out of bounds with the astronaut 13