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Don't Sink Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Off to sea! Off to sea! 0 Begun your journey! 25
It be raining gold! It be raining gold! 0 Spent 25,000 gold! 50
Captain Seabass Captain Seabass 0 Lost to the seas only you could find him 25
Backpacker! Backpacker! 0 Completed a sea voyage that was at least 1,000 miles in distance. 25
Nomad! Nomad! 0 Completed a sea voyage that was at least 2,000 miles in distance. 50
Twenty Thousand Miles Above the Sea Twenty Thousand Miles Above the Sea 0 Traveled a total of 20,000 miles by sea. 75
From the sea we rise! From the sea we rise! 0 Built Crampton to completion starting from nothing. 75
New ride! New ride! 0 Purchased a better ship. 50
The cure! The cure! 0 Completed the side quest, "Tough Decisions" 50
Conqueror! Conqueror! 0 Captured an island! 75
Furry Friend Furry Friend 0 Tried to capture the ferret captain! 50
Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter 0 Defeated 25 pirates at sea! 50
Expanding Ambitions Expanding Ambitions 0 Captured and owned 6 islands at the same time. 150
Bigger Is Better Bigger Is Better 0 Purchased the Man of War. 100
A Friendly Pirate A Friendly Pirate 0 Completed at least 50% of all available quests. 150