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Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Achievements

Find all the Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First steps First steps 0 Finish Level 01 (at 100%) in under 1:00 35
Two on two Two on two 0 Finish Level 02 (at 100%) in under 2:00 35
Two and two makes 22 Two and two makes 22 0 Finish Level 22 (at 100%) in under 4m 44s 50
The robot always jumps twice The robot always jumps twice 0 Finish Level 02 in under 2: 00, with max 2 jumps per robot 30
My treasure My treasure 0 Finish Level 7 without sharing energy at all 50
See ya in another life, brotha See ya in another life, brotha 0 Finish Level 12 with your twin still trapped (and alive!) 50
Blue tiles Blue tiles 0 Step on all energy tiles on Level 8 50
Lifeguard Lifeguard 0 Share energy when your twin is about to die 30
So generous So generous 0 Give almost all your energy to your twin 30
No rush No rush 0 Press the red button at the last minute, just right before your twin gets crushed 50
Battery hunter Battery hunter 0 Collect 16 batteries across the game 50
In fashion In fashion 0 Find the painting zone in Level 20 and change the color of 1 robot 80
This is soccer This is soccer 0 Find and kick the soccer ball in Level 11 80
I am the one who knocks I am the one who knocks 0 Run against a closed door 30
Frogger Frogger 0 Jump 75 times in a level (using the same robot) 30
The floor is lava The floor is lava 0 Perform 10 consecutive wall jumps 30
Call it even Call it even 0 Finish even Levels 2, 4 and 6 80
This is odd This is odd 0 Finish odd Levels 1, 3 and 5 80
King Robot King Robot 0 Unlock all other achievements 130