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Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands Achievements

Find all the Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sword & Bow Sword & Bow 0 Obtain a Sword and “The” Bow. 10
Weed Wacker Weed Wacker 0 Cut 50 bushes in Illegarde! 10
Brode's Finest Brode's Finest 0 Eat 5 portions of Brode's homemade Chicken Stew. 10
Gatherer Gatherer 0 Gather 5 of each crafting material. 10
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer 0 Vanquish 50 monsters. 10
Life! Life! 0 Find 3 Life Stones to increase your Total Health. 10
Mana! Mana! 0 Find 3 Mana Stones to increase your Total Mana. 10
Small time Collector Small time Collector 0 Find 25% of the collectible items. 10
Big time Collector Big time Collector 0 Find 50% of the collectible items. 10
Master Collector Master Collector 0 Find ALL of the collectible items. 20
Blazing Barrels Blazing Barrels 0 Why break 100 barrels when you can burn them? 10
Talkative! Talkative! 0 Have 10 conversations with “Living” characters. 10
Little Spender Little Spender 0 Spend 500 Gold. 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spend 5000 Gold 20
Maximum Armor Maximum Armor 0 Fully upgrade your Armor. 20
Cutting Edge Sword Cutting Edge Sword 0 Fully upgrade your Sword. 20
Glorious Bracers Glorious Bracers 0 Fully upgrade your Bracers. 20
Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer 0 Find ALL Ghost Characters and talk to them. (Ghost Merchants and Wailing Ghosts don't count!) 10
Novice Alchemist Novice Alchemist 0 Brew 10 potions or Elixirs. 10
Expert Alchemist Expert Alchemist 0 Brew 50 potions or elixirs. 10
Master Alchemist Master Alchemist 0 Brew 100 potions or elixirs. 20
Ice Cold Ice Cold 0 Vanquish 20 monsters with pure coldness! 10
Share the Pain! Share the Pain! 0 Talk to 10 Wailing Ghosts... But be careful though! 10
Treasure Seeker Treasure Seeker 0 Open 10 Treasure Chests. 10
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Find and open ALL Treasure Chests. 20
Full Quiver Full Quiver 0 Unlock ALL Arrow Types. 20
Novice Fisher Novice Fisher 0 Catch 10 Fish. 10
Expert Fisher Expert Fisher 0 Catch 50 Fish. 10
Master Fisher Master Fisher 0 Catch 100 Fish. 20
Merchandise! Merchandise! 0 Find ALL the Ghost Merchants and buy ALL of their goods. 20
Eldritch of the Temple Eldritch of the Temple 0 You can hear it's whispers... 20
Horror of the Hollow Horror of the Hollow 0 So much slime... 20
Shadow of the Mines Shadow of the Mines 0 Doooooooom! 20
Lord of the Tower Lord of the Tower 0 Madness I tell you... Madness! 20
Final Boss! Final Boss! 0 Can you guess who it is? 50
Casual Reader Casual Reader 0 Read 2 Lore Books. 10
Lore Master Lore Master 0 Read ALL the Lore Books. 20
The Diamond Fish! The Diamond Fish! 0 Catch a "Diamond Crest Gourami" in the fishing pond. 10
Heroic Gatherer Heroic Gatherer 0 Gather 10 of each Crafting material (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Monster Slayer Heroica! Monster Slayer Heroica! 0 Vanquish 100 Monsters (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Life of a Hero Life of a Hero 0 Find 6 Life Stones (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Hero of Mana Hero of Mana 0 Find 6 Mana Stones (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Full Metal Huntress! Full Metal Huntress! 0 Find ALL of the collectible items and get all the upgrades (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Heroic Boss Fight! Heroic Boss Fight! 0 Defeat one of the Dungeon Bosses (In Heroic Mode.) 20
Spirit of Fortune Spirit of Fortune 0 Find the 3 Golden Figurines and bring them to the Envoy of Goldisa (In Heroic Mode.) 10
Spirit of Hope Spirit of Hope 0 Find the 3 Sapphire Figurines and bring them to the Envoy of Aurora (In Heroic Mode.) 10
Spirit of Determination Spirit of Determination 0 Find the 3 Azure Figurines and bring them to the Envoy of Deteri (In Heroic Mode.) 10
Spirit of Joy Spirit of Joy 0 Find the 3 Emerald Figurines and bring them to the Envoy of Jetri (In Heroic Mode.) 10
Final Boss Heroica! Final Boss Heroica! 0 Defeat the Final Boss (In Heroic Mode.) 70
THE COMPLETIONIST! THE COMPLETIONIST! 0 Get ALL the other Achievements. 200