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Crayola Scoot Achievements

Full list of Crayola Scoot achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Crayola Scoot has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You've got Promise You've got Promise 0 Reach Fame level 2. 15
Rising Star Rising Star 0 Reach Fame level 3. 15
Tricky Trickster Tricky Trickster 0 Reach Fame level 4. 15
Rising Star Rising Star 0 Reach Fame level 5. 25
Scoot Master Scoot Master 0 Reach Fame level 6. 30
Color Cup Champion! Color Cup Champion! 0 Reach Fame level 7. 90
The Ultimate Legend! The Ultimate Legend! 0 Defeat the Mystery Legend. 90
Hangin' at the Arcade Hangin' at the Arcade 0 Reach Arcade level 2 15
Arcade Wizard Arcade Wizard 0 Reach Arcade level 10 30
Speedster Speedster 0 Max out your Speed stat during Career. 30
Jumping like a Flea Jumping like a Flea 0 Max out your Jump stat during Career. 30
Nimble Rider Nimble Rider 0 Max out your Handling stat during Career. 30
Tricky, Tricky, Tricky Tricky, Tricky, Tricky 0 Max out your Tricks stat during Career. 30
You got Boost Power You got Boost Power 0 Max out your Boost stat during Career. 30
Scooter Tinkerer Scooter Tinkerer 0 Purchase 5 scooter parts. 15
Playing with Stats Playing with Stats 0 Purchase 10 scooter parts. 15
Master Mechanic Master Mechanic 0 Purchase 15 scooter parts. 30
Gone Shopping Gone Shopping 0 Purchase 5 clothing items. 15
Finding a New Style Finding a New Style 0 Purchase 10 clothing items. 15
Collector Collector 0 Purchase 30 clothing items. 30
Can't Catch Me Can't Catch Me 0 Survive a whole game of 'Splat Tag - Survive' without being splatted. 30
Gotcha! Gotcha! 0 Splat 4 people during a game of 'Splat Tag - Chase'. 30
Coloring like a Pro Coloring like a Pro 0 Score more than 50% in a career game of 'Color Frenzy'. 30
Working as a Team Working as a Team 0 Score more than 75% in a career game of 'Team Color Frenzy'. 30
Crayon Collector Crayon Collector 0 Collect 3 crayons in a row in a career game of 'Crazy Crayons'. 30
Pro Scooter Session Pro Scooter Session 0 Score 50,000 or over in a career game of 'Trick Run'. 30
Chill Session Chill Session 0 Go for a 'Cruise' in any park. 15
Color, Color, Everywhere Color, Color, Everywhere 0 Gain the Color Bonus on any career event. 15
It's All Mine! It's All Mine! 0 Own all 3 control points on a single set piece trap in color frenzy. 15
Trigger Master Trigger Master 0 Trigger traps 5 times on any level. 15
Sick Combo Sick Combo 0 Reach a x6 combo on any level. 30
ULTRA Combo ULTRA Combo 0 Reach a x10 combo on any level. 90
A Real Banger A Real Banger 0 Grind for 500m distance on any level. 30
Better With Friends! Better With Friends! 0 Complete a multiplayer game. 15