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My Brother Rabbit Achievements

Find all the My Brother Rabbit achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Friend in Need A Friend in Need 0 Leave the Rabbit Hole. 30
Fly Away Fly Away 0 Leave this defiled place. 60
Pumped Out Pumped Out 0 Pump all the objects. 20
Sprinkler Sprinkler 0 Use all the colors. 20
Quack Quack Quack Quack 0 Make all the rubber ducks quack. 20
Itsy-Bitsy Spider Itsy-Bitsy Spider 0 Find all the spiders. 30
Curiosity Curiosity 0 Uncork all of the test tubes on the tree. 20
Ice Sculptor Ice Sculptor 0 Sculpt an ice swan. 20
Bring It Back! Bring It Back! 0 Lower the big baobab. 30
Programmer's Brain Programmer's Brain 0 Solve the tangram puzzle. 40
Startler Startler 0 Startle all of the signal birds. 20
Hand in Hand Hand in Hand 0 Try all of the robo-moose hands. 20
Flying Machine Flying Machine 0 Solve the 4-window puzzle. 30
Befriend a Turtle Befriend a Turtle 0 Find all the turtles. 20
Shell Inspector Shell Inspector 0 Open all the clam shells. 20
Pearl Collector Pearl Collector 0 Collect all the pearls. 20
Four Wheels Four Wheels 0 Put the wheels on the cart. 30
Sickness is Gone Sickness is Gone 0 Finish the game. 100
Where Are They Going? Where Are They Going? 0 Follow them to see where they flew. 20
Jolly Yamyams Jolly Yamyams 0 Interact with all the yamyams. 20

Secret Achievements

Fever Stop Fever Stop 0 Bring the fever down. 30
Color Separator Color Separator 0 Fix the rainbow divider. 40
Freedom Freedom 0 Free the Rabbit. 30
Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed 0 Give the test results to the Doctor. 40
Disappointment Disappointment 0 Find the cure somewhere else. 60
Just Moo It! Just Moo It! 0 The giant robo-moose is ready. 60
Beanstalk Ladder Beanstalk Ladder 0 Grow the ladder from the beans. 20
Bring It Up! Bring It Up! 0 Move the bike to the top. 40
Wind Creator Wind Creator 0 Fly to the rescue. 60
Bubble Passenger Bubble Passenger 0 Use the bubble to move heroes up. 30