The Escapists Achievements

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Wet Bandit The Wet Bandit 0 Flood 50 toilets across any of the prisons. 30
Cash Is King Cash Is King 0 Earn over $1000 across any of the prisons. 60
Favour Fave Favour Fave 0 Complete 100 favours successfully across any of the prisons. 100
Jobsworth Jobsworth 0 Hit quota at least once across all job roles. 80
Never Be Alone Again Never Be Alone Again 0 Attend 100 visits from outsiders across any of the prisons. 50
Let’s Get Physical Let’s Get Physical 0 Achieve stats of over 80 for both Strength and Speed. 60
I Present To You I Present To You 0 Give away 50 items to inmates and guards. 20
Naked Month Naked Month 0 Spend 30 days in game time without wearing any outfits. 50
Grey Matters Grey Matters 0 Achieve stats over 80 for intellect. 40
Punch Drunk Punch Drunk 0 Knock unconscious a total of 50 inmates. 40
Disrespect My Authority Disrespect My Authority 0 Knock unconscious a total of 50 guards. 80
Man On The Run Man On The Run 0 With a Guard Heat of 100, successfully evade capture until it returns to zero. 60
Clean Away The Crime Clean Away The Crime 0 Spend a total of over 20 game hours in the showers. 20
Digging It! Digging It! 0 Clear a total of 50 tiles using the Shovel. 60
The Escapist! The Escapist! 0 Successfully escape from all six prisons. 150
Master Craftsman Master Craftsman 0 Craft all the items available in the game. 100

The Escapists Escape Team

There are 6 achievements with a total of 500 points.

Cage's Buddy Cage's Buddy 0 Gift the Sovereign Ring to Cage. 50
Ladies' Man Ladies' Man 0 Gift the Aftershave to Andy. 50
The Mad Man The Mad Man 0 Gift the Trash Bag to Sean. 50
Tanked Up Tanked Up 0 Complete the construction of the Tank. 100
Soldiers Of Fortune Soldiers Of Fortune 0 The Escape Team have escaped. 150
Loved Up Loved Up 0 All members of the Escape Team love you upon escaping. 100