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MechaNika Achievements

Full list of MechaNika achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

MechaNika has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Busted! Busted! 0 You interrupted a poor girl while she was in the toilet. 10
Fried chicken Fried chicken 0 You tried to leave school. 10
Shines like new! Shines like new! 0 You flushed the dirty toilet in the school. 10
Meal dealer Meal dealer 0 You exchanged your meal for some spray cans. 40
Laundry service Laundry service 0 You couldn't stand Dennis' smelly socks. 10
Socks' juggler Socks' juggler 0 You made Manson the cat happy with Dennis' socks. 10
Meet and greet Meet and greet 0 You got your Project Silcharde poster signed by Mango Protocol! 10
RoboNerd RoboNerd 0 You won the RoboPodcast quiz! 40
Maximum trolling Maximum trolling 0 You got a portable TV thanks to your trolling proficiency. 10
Grannyka Grannyka 0 You disguised yourself as grandma Rosemary. 10
Dirty secret Dirty secret 0 You discovered your grandpa's magazines in the hidden safe box. 40
Mathematical! Mathematical! 0 You fixed the Gate of Great Sacrifice! 40
Cowabunga! Cowabunga! 0 You won the Ninja Turtles' quiz! 40
The Goat Tragedy The Goat Tragedy 0 You discovered the end of grandpas' story. 10
Heavy ammo Heavy ammo 0 You got the projectiles. 30
Burn, baby, burn! Burn, baby, burn! 0 You got the ignition system. 30
Green power Green power 0 You got the shrapnel. 30
Kerosene rain Kerosene rain 0 You got the flammable liquid. 30
The All-seeing Eye The All-seeing Eye 0 You got the multimedia recorder. 30
See you on the other side See you on the other side 0 You got the reflective panels. 30
Ham slicer Ham slicer 0 You got the saw disk. 30
Mass media controller Mass media controller 0 You got the multimedia player. 30
No more pop corn No more pop corn 0 You got the microwave emitter. 30
Enjoy your stationary bicycle Enjoy your stationary bicycle 0 You got the transmission chain. 30
Bubbleboom Bubbleboom 0 You got the propellant. 30
Pump up the jam Pump up the jam 0 You got the air compressor. 30
Welcome to the NikaCave Welcome to the NikaCave 0 You discovered Nika's secret lab. 50
MechaNika is here MechaNika is here 0 You completed the MechaNika project. 100
Free pass Free pass 0 You didn't spend any money to complete MechaNika. 100
Straight Edge Straight Edge 0 You completed MechaNika without a clue. 100