World of Final Fantasy Maxima Achievements

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There are 58 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

True Grymoirian True Grymoirian 0 Obtained every achievement. 10
The End? The End? 0 Reached an ending. 30
Mirage Keeper Mirage Keeper 0 Imprismed your first Mirage. 10
Mirage Collector Mirage Collector 0 Recorded a large number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual. 10
Mirage Enthusiast Mirage Enthusiast 0 Recorded a huge number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual. 10
Mirage Scholar Mirage Scholar 0 Recorded an inconceivable number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual. 30
Mirage Master Mirage Master 0 Recorded every last Mirage in the Mirage Manual. 40
Caretaker Caretaker 0 Mastered your first Mirage Board. 10
Legendary Caretaker Legendary Caretaker 0 Mastered 100 Mirage Boards. 30
A Medium Awakens A Medium Awakens 0 Obtained your first Champion Medal. 10
Canon Fodder Canon Fodder 0 Obtained every last Champion Medal. 30
Battle Aficionado Battle Aficionado 0 Battled 100 times. 10
Battle Fanatic Battle Fanatic 0 Battled 500 times. 30
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Opened 100 treasure chests. 10
Treasure Liberator Treasure Liberator 0 Opened every last treasure chest. 30
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge 0 Defeated your first murkrift Mirage. 10
All in a Day’s Murk All in a Day’s Murk 0 Defeated every last murkrift Mirage. 30
Thirst for the Undiscovered Thirst for the Undiscovered 0 Found the secret area in every dungeon. 10
The Power of Fantasy The Power of Fantasy 0 Completed your first intervention battle. 10
Time Tamperer Time Tamperer 0 Completed 10 intervention battles. 10
Threads of Fate Threads of Fate 0 Completed 30 intervention battles. 10
Transcender of Time Transcender of Time 0 Completed every last intervention battle. 30
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand 0 Fulfilled a townsperson’s request for the first time. 10
People Pleaser People Pleaser 0 Fulfilled the requests of every last townsperson in need. 10
A New Challenger A New Challenger 0 Won your first Coliseum battle. 10
Winning Streak Winning Streak 0 Defeated 30 teams at the Coliseum. 10
Reigning Champ Reigning Champ 0 Defeated every last opponent in the Coliseum. 30
Avatar Change Avatar Change 0 Acquired your first Champion Jewel. 10
Save the World Save the World 0 Acquired all Champion Jewels. 30
Speed Test Speed Test 0 Cleared your first Time Attack in the Coliseum. 10
Speedster Speedster 0 Cleared all Time Attacks in the Coliseum. 30

Secret Achievements

Turn Those Corners Up Turn Those Corners Up 0 Reached the true ending. 40
Gateway to Adventure Gateway to Adventure 0 Arrived in Grymoire. 10
The Saviors of Cornelia The Saviors of Cornelia 0 Repelled the Bahamutian Army. 10
Crimson vs. Azure Crimson vs. Azure 0 Found the first key from the Crimson Prophecy. 10
A Prophecy Fulfilled A Prophecy Fulfilled 0 Found all of the keys from the Crimson Prophecy. 10
The Final Reckoning The Final Reckoning 0 Learned the location of Castle Exnine. 10
It’s Just Justice It’s Just Justice 0 Joined forces with Shivalry to defeat the Golden Flan. 10
Soul Eater Soul Eater 0 Chastised the fugitive Ifreeta. 10
The Cranberry Knights The Cranberry Knights 0 Got to the bottom of the “phenomenon” at the Coliseum. 10
Inking Up a Stink Inking Up a Stink 0 Defeated Ultros in Tometown. 10
An Inseparable Pair An Inseparable Pair 0 Teamed up with Gilgamesh to stop the Bahamutian soldier. 10
The Dyad’s Servants The Dyad’s Servants 0 Brought all seven of the Pleiad back in line. 30
Nine Lives Nine Lives 0 Added Tamamohimé to your roster. 10
Accursed Man-thing! Accursed Man-thing! 0 Defeated the Quacho Queen with one of Lann’s attacks. 10
Never Give Up the Ghost Never Give Up the Ghost 0 Defeated the Undead Princess 10 times. 10
Love Tap Love Tap 0 Defeated the Princess Goblin using the Warrior of Light's Champion Medal. 10
Across the Unknown Across the Unknown 0 Braved and completed the new dungeons that appeared. 30
Crossover Cogna Crossover Cogna 0 Defeated the Cogna known as XG. 30
Magitek Knight Magitek Knight 0 Won many times in Sandstalker. 10
Blitzball Ace Blitzball Ace 0 Cleared the sky of uncountable einhänders. 10
The Fast and the Nebulous The Fast and the Nebulous 0 Reached the final chamber of the Nether Nebula in record time. 10
Zip Zip WHACK! Zip Zip WHACK! 0 Thwacked a whole bunch of cactuars in a single thrashing. 10
Fishing Up a Dream Fishing Up a Dream 0 Fished up Leviathan. 10
Cycle of Battle Cycle of Battle 0 Defeated Garland. 30
Nicely Done Nicely Done 0 Impressed Enna Kros. 30
Dark Dragon Dark Dragon 0 Defeated the Immortal Dark Dragon. 30
Bahamutian Redux Bahamutian Redux 0 Defeated the enhanced Brandelis. 30