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Nippon Marathon Achievements

Find all the Nippon Marathon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Now Incorporated Now Incorporated 0 Completed Story Mode with Snuguru Maestro 100
Renovate the Farm Renovate the Farm 0 Completed Story Mode with J DARWIN 100
Save the Narwhals Save the Narwhals 0 Completed Story Mode with Nishibori 100
Meet your Other Half Meet your Other Half 0 Completed Story Mode with Zenbei 100
Smelliest Player Smelliest Player 0 You were declared the smelliest - Get away from me! 25
Poor Man’s Chicken Poor Man’s Chicken 0 You traversed 200 meters in LOBSTER mode 100
Turkey Trolley Turkey Trolley 0 Whoa! You hit 3 strikes in a row in Go-Go Trolley Bowling! 100
I Just Felt Like Runnin’ I Just Felt Like Runnin’ 0 You finished a Full Marathon, what impressive cardio! 100
Travelling Enlightened Travelling Enlightened 0 Collected all Wedy Pages and became a Legendary Backpacker 200

Secret Achievements

Dog Whisperer Dog Whisperer 0 Alerted 100 Shiba Inu 25
You Love the Dog You Love the Dog 0 You chose Snuguru Maestro 25 times in Versus Mode 25
Xylophagia Xylophagia 0 You ate a Wedy Page and gained nothing but protein 25