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Railway Empire - Crossing the Andes Achievements

Full list of Railway Empire - Crossing the Andes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Railway Empire - Crossing the Andes has 8 achievements worth 180 gamerscore

Pompa Colada Pompa Colada 0 Complete the "Outside capital" scenario. 20
Donpirinha Donpirinha 0 Complete the "Coffee baron" scenario. 20
Roger Libre Roger Libre 0 Complete the "Summiteer" scenario. 0
El Dorado El Dorado 0 Complete one out of the three South American scenarios as president. 30
Livin' La Vida Loco Livin' La Vida Loco 0 Complete a 100 year era free game in South America. 30
Loco Cabana Loco Cabana 0 Make use of the locomotive engines "Garratt" and "Kitson-Meyer" in any South American scenario. 30
Llamas in Pyjamas Llamas in Pyjamas 0 Transport 600 loads of llama wool in any game in South America. 20
Cocktail Party Cocktail Party 0 Connect all cities to each other in the region of South America. 30

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