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Donut County Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Pup's Odyssey Pup's Odyssey 0 Release the hot air balloon. 15
Donut County Donut County 0 Destroy the donut shop. 15
The Flume Is Doomed The Flume Is Doomed 0 Destroy Raccoon Lagoon. 15
Hacker Hacker 0 Hack into the mainframe. 15
Redeemed Redeemed 0 Bring everyone back from underground. 15
Nerd Nerd 0 Complete the Trashopedia. 90
Gamer Gamer 0 Stock up on gamer fuel. 30
Pyro Pyro 0 Set Pepper's trailer on fire. 15
Quack Enthusiast Quack Enthusiast 0 Quack 100 times. 90
Egg Breaker Egg Breaker 0 Break 3 dozen eggs. 30
Music Lover Music Lover 0 Finish Gecko Park without collecting the radio. 90
Disrespecter Disrespecter 0 Destroy Trash King's monitor. 30
Dethroner Dethroner 0 Destroy Trash King's monument. 90
Secret Soup Secret Soup 0 Make Chef's secret soup recipe. 95
Pilot Pilot 0 Fly through the donut hole. 30
Escape Escape 0 Find Trash King's secret getaway vehicle. 95

Secret Achievements

Boss Fight Boss Fight 0 Win the boss fight. 35
Flawless Flawless 0 Complete the boss fight without taking damage. 95
Game Over Game Over 0 Lose the boss fight. 20
Bandit Bandit 0 Break into the vault at Raccoon HQ. 90