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Visage Achievements

Full list of Visage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Visage has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Matryoshka doll Matryoshka doll 0 Find a Matryoshka doll. 20
Matryoshka dolls master Matryoshka dolls master 0 Find all Matryoshka dolls. 80
First reaction First reaction 0 Try to leave via the front door. 10
Chapter: Lucy Chapter: Lucy 0 Complete Lucy's chapter. 50
Special recipe Special recipe 0 Attempt to use the microwave. 20
Novice electrician Novice electrician 0 Replace a light bulb. 10
Dance, dance Dance, dance 0 Find room 302. 100
George's memento George's memento 0 Find one of George's audio cassette. 10
George's memento master George's memento master 0 Find all George's audio cassettes. 40
The Neighbors The Neighbors 0 Find one of The Neighbors' page. 10
The Neighbors master The Neighbors master 0 Find all The Neighbors' pages. 40
Gearing up! Gearing up! 0 Find the shotgun. 20
Chapter: Dolores Chapter: Dolores 0 Complete Dolores' chapter. 50
Void Void 0 Complete the void ending. 50
Family reunion Family reunion 0 Complete the family reunion ending. 100
Dwayne's memento Dwayne's memento 0 Find one VHS tape. 20
Dwayne's memento master Dwayne's memento master 0 Find all VHS tape. 80
Hot chocolate Hot chocolate 0 Drink the hot chocolate. 20
Smile! Smile! 0 Find the smiley face sticker. 20
10 on the 10th 10 on the 10th 0 Find all the pages from the appreciation book. 20
Mirror mask Mirror mask 0 Find one piece of the mirror mask. 20
Mirror mask master Mirror mask master 0 Find all pieces of the mirror mask. 80
Psychological evaluation Psychological evaluation 0 Find Rakan's psychological evaluation tape. 20
Easy way out Easy way out 0 Use the revolver. 20
Gotcha, you little... Gotcha, you little... 0 You warped Bernard the Alien back to planet Ceiphe. 20
Special gift Special gift 0 Find Johny's gift. 20
Chapter: Rakan Chapter: Rakan 0 Complete Rakan's chapter. 50