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Atomic Heart Achievements

Full list of Atomic Heart achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Atomic Heart has 51 achievements worth 1150 gamerscore

The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes 0 Unlock all achievements 100
Strike Strike 0 Kill Hedgie without making a single shot / destroy all statues 30
Medium Rare Medium Rare 0 Kill Belyash 15
Make It Go Round Make It Go Round 0 Kill Hedgie 15
Plyusch Rush Plyusch Rush 0 Kill Plyusch 15
Showʼs Over Showʼs Over 0 Kill Natasha 15
Dew Point Dew Point 0 Kill Dewdrop 15
Murderous Beauty Murderous Beauty 0 Kill Twins 30
Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop 0 Kill Belyash with a melee weapon 30
Happy Polymerization Day! Happy Polymerization Day! 0 Fly out of Chelomey 15
Pistils and Stamens Pistils and Stamens 0 Get out of Vavilov 15
Tickets, Please! Tickets, Please! 0 Take a train at the Lesnaya Maglev train station 15
Quite an Achievement Quite an Achievement 0 Clear the VDNH complex 15
Curtain Curtain 0 Finish a theater performance 15
Medical Checkup Medical Checkup 0 Get to a hospital 15
Freedom Reflex Freedom Reflex 0 Explore Pavlov 15
Kommunism 2.0 Kommunism 2.0 0 Find out the AoCʼs secret 15
Atomic Heart Atomic Heart 0 Complete the game in Hardcore mode 70
Artisan Artisan 0 Create a weapon in a crafting machine 15
Weapon Master Weapon Master 0 Create five types of weapons 15
Lord of War Lord of War 0 Collect all weapons 30
Chemist Chemist 0 Craft consumables of all types 15
Polymerization Polymerization 0 Collect 100 jelly 30
Apple Pie Apple Pie 0 Pick all apples in Limbo 15
The Great Inventor The Great Inventor 0 Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level 15
Lefthand Mastery Lefthand Mastery 0 Fully upgrade one skill tree 15
How Can I Help You? How Can I Help You? 0 Use a phone booth at Chelomey 15
Beast Friend Beast Friend 0 Find all talking dead animals 30
The Necromancer The Necromancer 0 Talk to every dead 30
Burning Ears Burning Ears 0 Find all Chirpers 70
More Than Profit More Than Profit 0 Find all Lootyagins 30
Explorer Explorer 0 Find a testing ground 15
Clean-up Clean-up 0 Complete all testing grounds 70
Scanner Scanner 0 Scan all mobs 15
Avatar Avatar 0 Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemies 15
Hothead Hothead 0 Make 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistol 15
Below Zero Below Zero 0 Freeze a Vova mid-air 15
Assimilation Procedure Interrupted Assimilation Procedure Interrupted 0 Donʼt let a sprout grow into a mutant 15
Bullʼs Eye! Bullʼs Eye! 0 Use Telekinesis to throw an object and knock down an Owl 15
Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous 0 Get drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemies 15
Triple Penetration Triple Penetration 0 Kill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shot 15
Hands on the Hood Hands on the Hood 0 Hit 20 enemies by a car 15

Atomic Heart - Annihilation Instinct

There are 9 achievements with a total of 150 points.

Weird Science Weird Science 0 Get into the ORB lab 15
Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies 0 Use a Strekoza for the first time 15
A Girl's Best Friend A Girl's Best Friend 0 Send all BEA-Ds to NORA's brain 15
Return to Utopia Return to Utopia 0 Complete the Annihilation Instinct DLC 30
Divide et Impera Divide et Impera 0 Separate several combined BEA-Ds with one shot from the Secateur 15
Time in a Bottle Time in a Bottle 0 Kill 3 enemies while using technostasis 15
John Silver's Crew John Silver's Crew 0 Kill 3 M4D-5 robots in a row while they're hopping on one foot 15
Red October Red October 0 Destroy 15 enemies using the Alionka neuropolymeric launch module 15
Maximum Strength Maximum Strength 0 Upgrade the Klusha and Secateur to max 15