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Alchemic Cutie Achievements

Full list of Alchemic Cutie achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Alchemic Cutie has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Archivist Archivist 0 Add 100 entries to the Codex. 10
Biographer Biographer 0 Add an entry to the Cutiepedia for each villager. 10
Makeover! Makeover! 0 Give a jelly an accessory to wear then change its color. 5
Cutie Catcher Cutie Catcher 0 Catch a jelly. 5
Caught Them All! Caught Them All! 0 Catch a jelly of each shape and color. 30
Contender Contender 0 Win a jelly competition. 10
Grand Champion Grand Champion 0 Raise a jelly that is a champion in all competitions. 100
Dramatic Victory Dramatic Victory 0 Enter a jelly with zero food into a competition and win. 10
Top Blob Top Blob 0 Raise a jelly with level 100 in any stat. 10
Hidden Power Hidden Power 0 Raise a jelly with level 1 in all stats, but has all stat abilities. 50
Return Policy Return Policy 0 Make a jelly barf. 5
Nothing Wasted Nothing Wasted 0 Feed your jellies every garbage item. 10
Insatiable Insatiable 0 Lower a jelly’s max food below 25. 10
Baby Is Made Baby Is Made 0 Hatch a jelly egg. 5
Hatch Hero Hatch Hero 0 Hatch 24 eggs in one day. 20
Body Snatcher Body Snatcher 0 Swap all three of a jelly’s traits with another jelly’s traits at once. 30
Quarter Muncher Quarter Muncher 0 Turn a jelly into a relic. 5
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! 0 Raise a jelly that is 108 days old. 50
Ghost Hunter Ghost Hunter 0 Dispel a ghost. 5
Survivor Survivor 0 A jelly below 25 happiness survives midnight. 5
Flute Tootin’ Flute Tootin’ 0 Do an alchemy combo. 5
Happy Little Clouds Happy Little Clouds 0 Activate a shortcut. 10
Full Circle Full Circle 0 Activate all shortcuts. 30
Pilgrim Pilgrim 0 Gain energy from each shrine and temple. 20
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Find a hidden item. 5
Farmhand Farmhand 0 Deliver a jelly to the shop. 20
Jelly Wrangler Jelly Wrangler 0 Deliver 25 jellies to the shop in one day. 20
Jelly Rancher Jelly Rancher 0 Deliver a total of 100 jellies to the shop. 50
Master Rancher Master Rancher 0 Complete all jelly deliveries. 100
The End The End 0 Complete a story. 5
Friend of Wimba Village Friend of Wimba Village 0 Complete a story for each villager. 30
Friend of Jellies Friend of Jellies 0 Give a treat to each pet jelly in the village. 10
Simple Supplier Simple Supplier 0 Complete an item shipment. 10
Star Supplier Star Supplier 0 Complete all items in a shipment. 25
Seasoned Supplier Seasoned Supplier 0 Complete all shipments in a single season. 40
Shiny Saver Shiny Saver 0 Have 1,000,000 crystals in your wallet at one time. 10

Secret Achievements

Trait Trainer Trait Trainer 0 Raise a jelly’s level without feeding it an item. 10
Smelly Belly Smelly Belly 0 Feed a jelly a smelly bean. 5
Moonsick No More Moonsick No More 0 Cure a werejelly. 10
Sunny Spirits Sunny Spirits 0 Dispel a ghost during the daytime. 10
A Home Cooked Meal A Home Cooked Meal 0 Eat a meal with your family at the farm. 5
Flute Frenzy Flute Frenzy 0 Complete a 24+ note alchemy combo. 10
Antiquarian Antiquarian 0 Find a crystal tablet. 10
Master Antiquarian Master Antiquarian 0 Find all crystal tablets. 30
Soul Seeker Soul Seeker 0 Find all 44 hidden Soulstones. 30
A Little Present A Little Present 0 A jelly pooped in your backpack. 5
A Rival Appears A Rival Appears 0 Open Wimba Temple. 20
Partners In Crime Partners In Crime 0 Open Yebyeb Temple 30
A Last Resort A Last Resort 0 Save the Wimba Island treasure. 40
Charity Charity 0 Decide what to do with Vira. 10