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For The King Achievements

Full list of For The King achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

For The King has 56 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Progress Progress 0 Defeat the Cultist Camp 5
Fuhgeddaboudit Fuhgeddaboudit 0 Clear the Forgotten Cellar 10
Undead killer Undead killer 0 Defeat the Lich's Crypt 10
Mind over matter Mind over matter 0 Defeat the Mind Bender 10
No sweat No sweat 0 Clear both Demon Caves 10
Easy peasy Easy peasy 0 Defeat Vexor on Apprentice 50
Hero of Fahrul Hero of Fahrul 0 Defeat Vexor on Journeyman 75
Legend of Fahrul Legend of Fahrul 0 Defeat Vexor on Master 100
All that glitters All that glitters 0 Purge the Glittering Mines 10
Amazing! Amazing! 0 Solve the King's Maze 15
The Mummy's Curse The Mummy's Curse 0 Purge the Buried Temple 10
Pearl diver Pearl diver 0 Clear 5 Sea Caves in 1 game 10
Drain the swamp Drain the swamp 0 Clear the Flooded Crypt 10
Prison break Prison break 0 Escape the Mage Dungeon 10
It's getting hot in here It's getting hot in here 0 Survive the Lava Dungeon 10
Order from Chaos Order from Chaos 0 Defeat the Chaos Beast 25
Such a pity... Such a pity... 0 First party wipe 10
Field medic Field medic 0 Revive a party member 10
Critical fail Critical fail 0 Break a weapon 5
Side business Side business 0 Complete 50 Side Quests 10
Scrooge Scrooge 0 Have 1500 Gold 10
Miser Miser 0 Have 5000 Gold 25
End of the rainbow End of the rainbow 0 Defeat Lucky 10
Paying the toll Paying the toll 0 Defeat the Bandit King 10
Not so funny anymore Not so funny anymore 0 Defeat the Royal Droll 10
Instant karma Instant karma 0 Defeat the Hangman 10
Protector of the Gods Protector of the Gods 0 Defeat the Foul Priestess 10
He's on fire! He's on fire! 0 Defeat Coal Heart 10
Your time is up Your time is up 0 Defeat the Old One 10
Honor the dead Honor the dead 0 Honor 15 Stone Heroes 10
Lest we forget Lest we forget 0 Honor 50 Stone Heroes 25
Sushi chef Sushi chef 0 Kill the Kraken 25
Not this time Not this time 0 Kill a thief attempting to flee 10
So many bones So many bones 0 Smash 150 Skellys 25
Rock n' roll Rock n' roll 0 Topple 15 Crag Monsters 25
Would you like a receipt with that? Would you like a receipt with that? 0 Unlock 20 items from the Lore Store 10
All sales are final All sales are final 0 Unlock 40 items from the Lore Store 25
What a view! What a view! 0 Reach the top of Harazuel 15
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 0 Slay the dragon at the top of Frostbite Peak 50
Till death do us part Till death do us part 0 Defeat the Yeti, free her "prisoner" 10
Ice and Fire Ice and Fire 0 Unlock the armory 10
Sally forth! Sally forth! 0 Break a sieged town 10
Thumpity thump thump Thumpity thump thump 0 Kill 5 Snowmen 10
The morning after The morning after 0 Help Hildebrant retrace his steps 10
Rock and a hard place Rock and a hard place 0 Defeat Deimos 10
Clear skies ahead Clear skies ahead 0 Defeat Disciple 10
Put that in your pipe Put that in your pipe 0 Use 100 herbs 25
Sweet tooth Sweet tooth 0 Use 10 candies 10
That's Deep That's Deep 0 Reach the bottom of Hildebrant's Cellar 10
Double Deep Double Deep 0 Reach the Inferno 25
Wet 'N Wild Wet 'N Wild 0 Purge all 4 Water Temples 25
Land Ho! Land Ho! 0 Defeat the Sea King 50
Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka 0 Kill 10 enemies with Firearms 10
Swan Song Swan Song 0 Defeat the Songstress 10
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Find Captain Greenbeard's Ship 10
Gold Digger Gold Digger 0 Win a game of Gold Rush 25