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Hellpoint Achievements

Full list of Hellpoint achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hellpoint has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Knight Knight 0 Defeated the Archon Knight 10
Slaver Slaver 0 Defeated the Archon Slaver 10
Congregators Congregators 0 Defeated the Arisen Congregators 10
Artillery Artillery 0 Defeated the Artillery 10
Celestial Celestial 0 Defeated the Celestial Beast 10
Consumer Consumer 0 Defeated the Consumer 10
Undisturbed Undisturbed 0 Answered the challenge of Undisturbed Defas Nemundis 50
Master of Puppets Master of Puppets 0 Answered the challenge of Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets 50
Hostess Hostess 0 Defeated Our Preying Hostess 10
Transporter Transporter 0 Defeated the Transporter 10
Ashen Born Ashen Born 0 Answered the challenge of Uthos, the Ashen Born 50
Good Spawn Good Spawn 0 Did as asked and ended it peacefully 10
Well of Souls Well of Souls 0 Found and input one of the Five Eyes codes 20
One small step One small step 0 Repaired the EVA suit and went for a walk outside Irid Novo 20
My old friend My old friend 0 Turned off the lights, from the start to the end 100
For your thoughts For your thoughts 0 Found the 66 coins 100
Show me what you got Show me what you got 0 Talked to a cosmic God 10
I'm still worthy I'm still worthy 0 Gained the trust of a cosmic God 20
It's full of stars It's full of stars 0 Found a monolith and explored the Underworld 10
Surge of power Surge of power 0 Socketed an upgrade chip 10
Gate to the stars Gate to the stars 0 Synchronized a Breach 10
To the fringe To the fringe 0 Reached a more challenging parallel universe 20
Event Horizon Event Horizon 0 Opened the Observatory's Iris, and gazed in Sagittarius' depth 10
Slayer Slayer 0 Defeated a horde 10
Replicator Replicator 0 Printed an item using a blueprint 10
Companion Companion 0 Equipped the cube and used a program 10
Strangest thing Strangest thing 0 Summoned a friendly... pet? 10

Secret Achievements

Interface Interface 0 Kept your data and defeated The Interface 50
Sentient Sentient 0 Vanquished The Sentient 100
Shattered Mirror Shattered Mirror 0 Destroyed the prodigal spawn 80
I'm full of bad ideas! I'm full of bad ideas! 0 Helped the Architect repaired the Interface 80
Galaxy's Child Galaxy's Child 0 Helped the Old Man 80