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The Sojourn Achievements

Find all the The Sojourn achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Welcome to Reality Welcome to Reality 0 Stepped into the dark world 20
Step by Step Step by Step 0 Overcame the second challenge 40
Blindfold Blindfold 0 Witnessed the story behind the blindfold 40
Level Up Level Up 0 Activated the elevator 40
Opened Eyes Opened Eyes 0 Opened the frozen well 40
Unity Unity 0 Witnessed the story of the first movements 40
Curious Mind Curious Mind 0 Earned your first merit of life 40

Secret Achievements

Not a Child Not a Child 0 Experienced the first chapter of life: Discovery 70
Doubtful Mind Doubtful Mind 0 Reached the top of the tower 70
Tree of Lies Tree of Lies 0 Witnessed the secret behind the tree 70
Eternity Eternity 0 This sojourn came to an end 80
Scholar Scholar 0 Earned 10 merits of life 90
Adept Adept 0 Earned 20 merits of life 90
Expert Expert 0 Earned 30 merits of life 90
Master Master 0 Earned 40 merits of life 90
Sage Sage 0 Earned all merits of life 90