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DYSMANTLE Achievements

Full list of DYSMANTLE achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

DYSMANTLE has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Crown Station Crown Station 0 Reached the Crown Station. 15
Full Load Full Load 0 Filled 10 material slots full of materials. 15
Who Wants to Leaf Forever Who Wants to Leaf Forever 0 Filled 8 material slots with the same type of material. 15
Gold Medalist Gold Medalist 0 Earned 10 gold level Medals. 60
Inventor Inventor 0 Invented 60 recipes. 15
Enkindled Enkindled 0 Lit all Campfires on the Island. 30
Link Towers Link Towers 0 Discovered and activated all Towers on the Island. 30
Rude Archaeologist Rude Archaeologist 0 Completed all Tombs on the Island. 30
Getting Farmer Getting Farmer 0 Grew and harvested 10 plants. 15
Green Finger Green Finger 0 Grew and harvested any 6 different types of plants. 30
Fish You Were Here Fish You Were Here 0 Caught 10 fish of any rarity. 15
Fishful Thinking Fishful Thinking 0 Caught 5 fish of legendary rarity. 30
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer 0 Killed 100 monsters of any type. 15
Build It And They Will Come Build It And They Will Come 0 Built 10 structures of any type. 15
Animal Friend Animal Friend 0 Fed animals 10 times. 15
Ark Nemesis Ark Nemesis 0 Completed the ark 70
Well Well Well Well Well Well 0 Used all Wishing Wells on the Island. 30
Perfect Timing Perfect Timing 0 Opened all Timed Chests on the Island. 30
Shelter Cleaner Shelter Cleaner 0 Visited all shelters on the Island. 30
Treasure Digger Treasure Digger 0 Dug up all buried treasures on the Island. 30
Master of Obelisks Master of Obelisks 0 Maxed out all the Obelisks on the Island. 30
Myth People Myth People 0 Investigated all the Myth Tablets on the Island. 30
Fan of Radio Fan of Radio 0 Listened to 50 different radio broadcasts. 30
Perfect Interest Perfect Interest 0 Completed all Points of Interest on all locations. 60
Side Hustle Side Hustle 0 Completed all the Side Quests. 60
Gear Up Gear Up 0 Upgraded 7 Tools to the maximum level. 30

Secret Achievements

Gatekeeper Gatekeeper 0 Beat the Gatekeeper. 15
Means of Escaping Means of Escaping 0 Found the Escape Pod. 15
Law Law 0 Beat the Law automaton. 30
Reaper Reaper 0 Beat the Reaper automaton. 30
Sword Sword 0 Beat the Sword automaton. 30
Crown Crown 0 Beat the Crown automaton. 30
Escape the Island Escape the Island 0 Escaped the Island. 60
Rifter Rifter 0 Travelled through all the Rifts on the Island. 15