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Conarium Achievements

Find all the Conarium achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

What are you doing out there? What are you doing out there? 0 Walk out of opposite sides of the map outside the base. 30
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Check all the books in the Base and the Mansion. 40
Grand Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor 0 Examine all the notes and diagrams in the game. 50
Private Investigator Private Investigator 0 Find all documents in the game. 40
Impressionist Impressionist 0 Get all notebook drawings in the game. 30
Super Sleuth Super Sleuth 0 Get all secrets in the game. 40
Nosy Parker Nosy Parker 0 Examine all objects in the game. 50
Collectable Hunter Collectable Hunter 0 Get all collectables in the game. 40
Masquerade Masquerade 0 Check all the wooden masks in the Mansion. 40
Wireless Operator Wireless Operator 0 Use the walkie-talkie voluntarily in every location that it is available. 40
Death-defying Death-defying 0 Finish the game without dying. 40
Bellhop Bellhop 0 Manage to run the Link Elevator. 40
Cryptographer Cryptographer 0 Solve the radio room puzzle. 50
Sharpest Knife in the Drawer Sharpest Knife in the Drawer 0 Solve the symbol-drawing puzzle on the first try. 40
Earthly Minds over Delicate Souls Earthly Minds over Delicate Souls 0 Experience the second ending. 40
Out-of-Body Experience Out-of-Body Experience 0 Experience the first ending. 40
Sparky Sparky 0 Provide electricity to the base. 40
Deep Dive Deep Dive 0 Get on the submarine. 30
Carved Catacombs Carved Catacombs 0 Reach the Connection Halls. 30
Demons of the Past Demons of the Past 0 Reach the Mansion for the second time. 30
Under the Sands Under the Sands 0 Reach the ruins under Rub' al Khali. 30
Almost There Almost There 0 Reach the final level. 30
Glutton for Punishment Glutton for Punishment 0 Die in five different ways. 40
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Don't get caught by the mummies in the Connection Halls. 40
Paying Close Attention Paying Close Attention 0 Solve the puzzle on the cellar door without any clues. 40
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Finish the game with 100% progress. 40