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Unruly Heroes Achievements

Find all the Unruly Heroes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Farewell... Farewell... 0 Play the whole adventure 150
The journey begins The journey begins 0 Complete first Skull Canyon level 25
Skull Canyon End Skull Canyon End 0 Complete world Skull Canyon 50
Every penny counts Every penny counts 0 Obtain 100 coins 20
Things are... Actually looking up Things are... Actually looking up 0 Obtain all scrolls 50
I can see my house from here I can see my house from here 0 Reach 200 meters in gliding distance 10
Speedy runner Speedy runner 0 Complete one level under 5 minutes 25
Full Throttle Full Throttle 0 Activate any character's power 10
ULTRA!! ULTRA!! 0 Perform a 20 hits combo 10
Undying... Heroes Undying... Heroes 0 Finish a level without losing any character 20
Flea Circus Flea Circus 0 Perform 100 walljumps in total 15
Grabbed by the heroes Grabbed by the heroes 0 Grab two enemies in less than 10 seconds 10
Player Versus Player Player Versus Player 0 Play a Multiplayer match 10
Chaos Emerald Chaos Emerald 0 Finish any level at emerald rank 30
Master Emerald Master Emerald 0 Finish all levels at emerald rank 60
Earth Stone Earth Stone 0 Finish any world at emerald rank 60

Secret Achievements

Back to black Back to black 0 Kill the Skull Canyon boss 10
Taoist Temple End Taoist Temple End 0 Complete world Taoist Temple 75
Underworld End Underworld End 0 Complete Underworld 100
Flaming Mountain End Flaming Mountain End 0 Complete world Flaming Mountain 125
A penny saved is a penny gained A penny saved is a penny gained 0 Obtain 1000 coins 40
I look marvelous! I look marvelous! 0 Obtain all skins 50
Never too careful Never too careful 0 Unlock all checkpoints of a map 10
Control Freak Control Freak 0 Enter inside a controllable creature 10
Go go Unruly Rangers! Go go Unruly Rangers! 0 Trigger 4 power up at the same time 15
Oopsie... Oopsie... 0 Kill one of you coop friend 10