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Creepy Road Achievements

Full list of Creepy Road achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Creepy Road has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fast shooter Fast shooter 0 Kill 500 or more enemies. 30
Bully menace Bully menace 0 Kill 1500 or more enemies. 50
Annihilator Annihilator 0 Kill 5000 or more enemies. 80
Quick bite Quick bite 0 Eat 100 or more hamburgers. 30
What is your parking malfunction?! What is your parking malfunction?! 0 Explode 20 or more vehicles 40
A nice flight A nice flight 0 Complete the flying location without dying. 60
Bad place for swimming Bad place for swimming 0 Die 5 or more times in the poison goo. 30
Watch your step! Watch your step! 0 Step on a mine 10 or more times. 30
Someone's not tryin' hard! Someone's not tryin' hard! 0 Die 50 or more times. 30
Luckier another life Luckier another life 0 Die 150 or more times. 40
Rest in Peace Rest in Peace 0 Die 300 or more times. 50
Seems like that’s for real… Seems like that’s for real… 0 Take part in circus show finale. 90
The best of us fall The best of us fall 0 Deal with your childhood's idol. 90
It's not that simple... It's not that simple... 0 Discover the big mystery of a small animal. 90
I didn’t expect this from ya! I didn’t expect this from ya! 0 Visit a place where ones usually don’t come back from. 100

Secret Achievements

Plumber's heaven Plumber's heaven 0 Find an entrance to the secret location. 80
COWABUNGA! COWABUNGA! 0 Find ninja reptile lair. 80