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One Leaves Achievements

Find all the One Leaves achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Off to a Good Start Off to a Good Start 0 Complete the First Interaction 10
Turned Around? Turned Around? 0 Solve the Looping Hallway 20
Up in Smoke Up in Smoke 0 Find the Smokers Favorite Spot 10
What have You Learned? What have You Learned? 0 Solve the Library Puzzle 20
Light the Way Light the Way 0 Find the Hidden Flashlight 50
You'll be Back... You'll be Back... 0 Find the Smokers Lounge 150
Hurts to Breathe Hurts to Breathe 0 Discover the Tarred Lungs 10
Don't Let This Be You Don't Let This Be You 0 Find the Ex-Smoker 10
Open Up Open Up 0 Open All Four Drawers in the Morgue 10
Down the Rabbit Hole Down the Rabbit Hole 0 Make it to the Sewer Level 150
Not so Pearly Whites Not so Pearly Whites 0 Find the Diseased Mouth 10
One More Out of the Pack One More Out of the Pack 0 Traverse the Maze 20 Times 200
One of Three One of Three 0 Traverse the Maze and be Trapped 150
You're the One You're the One 0 Traverse the Maze and Make It Out 200