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Fade to Silence Achievements

Full list of Fade to Silence achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sheltered Existence Sheltered Existence 0 Have your followers construct a hut in your refuge 15
For the Hoard For the Hoard 0 Store an object inside your refuge's stash 15
Close the Gates! Close the Gates! 0 Have your followers construct palisades and a gate to protect your refuge 15
My Wish Is Your Command My Wish Is Your Command 0 Manually assign a task to a follower 15
Timber! Timber! 0 Cut down a tree and harvest it for wood 15
The Flesh Is Weak The Flesh Is Weak 0 Hunt a deer and harvest it for meat 15
Perfect Parry Perfect Parry 0 Block an enemy's attack at the very last moment 15
Mush! Mush! 0 Rescue two wolves, construct a kennel and take your new sled for a spin 15
Supernatural Succor Supernatural Succor 0 Collect three shards of the same type 15
Manifold Destiny Manifold Destiny 0 Collect three shards of each type 30
I Am Complete I Am Complete 0 Collect all shards 90
Memento Mori Memento Mori 0 Collect all toys for Alice 30
Clean Conscience Clean Conscience 0 Cleanse the outposts in the Flats, Peaks, Prairie and Pit 30
Revelation Revelation 0 Cleanse the Wreck 30
Insight Insight 0 Cleanse the Glare outpost to access the shuttle 30
Rupture Rupture 0 Break the cycle of torment 100
Revisionist Revisionist 0 Discover both endings 15
Remembrance Remembrance 0 Recall all suppressed memories in your dreams 30
The Investigator The Investigator 0 Recruit Rhys 15
The Looter The Looter 0 Recruit Vic 15
The Undertaker The Undertaker 0 Recruit Jin 15
The Survivalist The Survivalist 0 Recruit Gani 15
The Warrior The Warrior 0 Recruit Tua 15
The Sneak The Sneak 0 Recruit Ryme 15
The Sniper The Sniper 0 Recruit Issa 15
The Alchemist The Alchemist 0 Recruit Ezra 15
All the Lonely People All the Lonely People 0 Recruit all potential followers throughout your lifetimes 30
Mushier! Mushier! 0 Get four wolves to pull your sled 15
Mushiest! Mushiest! 0 Get six wolves to pull your sled 30
Self-Made Man Self-Made Man 0 Craft an item with your own two hands 15
Make It So Make It So 0 Have an adept follower craft better items for you 15
A Gift From a Friend A Gift From a Friend 0 Have an expert follower craft the best items possible for you 15
Small Talk Small Talk 0 Gain the trust of a follower and have them confide in you 15
Big Talk Big Talk 0 Gain the full trust of one of your followers 30
True Leader True Leader 0 Gain the full trust of all potential followers throughout your lifetimes 90
The Flats The Flats 0 Discover the Flats 15
The Peaks The Peaks 0 Discover the Peaks 15
The Prairie The Prairie 0 Discover the Prairie 15
The Wreck The Wreck 0 Discover the Wreck 15
The Pit The Pit 0 Discover the Pit 15
The Glare The Glare 0 Discover the Glare 15
Weather the Elements Weather the Elements 0 Survive your first blizzard 15