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Roundabout Achievements

Full list of Roundabout achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Roundabout has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

(Love Is) Thicker Than Water (Love Is) Thicker Than Water 0 Unlocked the Inflatiboat For Cars 10
Ring My Bell Ring My Bell 0 Unlocked the Pickup Finder 25
Rubberband Man Rubberband Man 0 Unlocked the Reverser Wheel 25
Keep on Truckin' Keep on Truckin' 0 Unlocked the Traffic Coner 25
Cold as Ice Cold as Ice 0 Unlocked the Multiplier Freezer 25
Play That Funky Music Play That Funky Music 0 Unlocked the Beary Nice Music Box 25
You Spin Me Right Round You Spin Me Right Round 0 Followed a lady into the big smoke 25
I've Made a Huge Mistake I've Made a Huge Mistake 0 Made a huge mistake 25
I Will Survive I Will Survive 0 Survived the Mountain Fair Demolition Derby without exploding 25
It's Tuesday! It's Tuesday! 0 Stood still for a minute of silence at The Memorial 79
The Horn Proclaimers The Horn Proclaimers 0 Honked your horn 500 times, then honked your horn 500 more 25
Baby Come Back Baby Come Back 0 Died 360 times 10
I've Covered Wars, You Know I've Covered Wars, You Know 0 Revolved over 53,596 times 25
Baby on Board Baby on Board 0 Aggressively warned a dozen pedestrians with the Traffic Coner 10
Fly Like an Eagle Fly Like an Eagle 0 Purchased a pet eagle 10
Welcome to eSports Welcome to eSports 0 Completed your first eSports Speedrun Challenge 15
Better Than Mama Better Than Mama 0 Got a better eSports Speedrun Time than the No Goblin team 25
Straight to the Pool Room Straight to the Pool Room 0 In "Ball Bouncers", bounced the ball at least 12 times 20
Sweet Freedom Sweet Freedom 0 In "Run Like Crazy", got 150 yards away 20
Fire and Rain Fire and Rain 0 In "Death from Above", survived for 30 seconds 20
Angry Eyes Angry Eyes 0 In "Limocide", took out 50 pedestrians 20
Pope on the Ropes Pope on the Ropes 0 In "Farming Simulator 1977", completed your farming in under 40 seconds 20
Disco Inferno Disco Inferno 0 In "Destruction Derby", took out 8 cars 20
Assistant Professor Assistant Professor 0 In "The Great Hunt", found 6 regions 20
That's Where The Happy People Go That's Where The Happy People Go 0 Viewed the "How's Your Driving" screen outside of the DMV ride. Useful, isn't it? 10
Hotel Roundabout Hotel Roundabout 0 Purchased some property 10
Feels Like the First Time Feels Like the First Time 0 Purchased something from The Chrome Dome 10
25 or 6 to 4 25 or 6 to 4 0 Reached a 35x multiplier 25
For the Love of Money For the Love of Money 0 Collected every Cash Stash 25
Gonna Fly Now Gonna Fly Now 0 Accomplished every Sick Jump 25
Star Power Star Power 0 Collected every star in a single ride 20
Low Rider Low Rider 0 Discovered all of the horns 25
Possession Obsession Possession Obsession 0 Purchased every hat and paint job 25
Still the One Still the One 0 Collected every star in every ride 50
True Maximilian True Maximilian 0 Purchased every property 25
Feels So Good Feels So Good 0 Reached 100% completion on a mission 25
What a Fool Believes What a Fool Believes 0 Reached 100% completion for the entire game 50
Wheels of Steel Wheels of Steel 0 Completed an eSports Speedrun without exploding 25
Smoke & Mirrors Smoke & Mirrors 0 Drove the entire "classic" length of Desert Limo without crashing 51

Secret Achievements

Tijuana Taxi Tijuana Taxi 0 Drove straight for Beth 50