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Lost Ember Achievements

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Everything Everything 0 Played all animals 60
I Need More Colors! I Need More Colors! 0 Spread spores of each mushroom kind 10
Landscaping Apprentice Landscaping Apprentice 0 Found 30 mushrooms 10
Landscaping Star Landscaping Star 0 Found all mushrooms 60
Who am I? Who am I? 0 Triggered 5 memories 10
I Remember I Remember 0 Triggered all memories 40
What's this? What's this? 0 Found 5 relics 10
Inventory Limit Reached Inventory Limit Reached 0 Found all relics 60
I'm on a Roll I'm on a Roll 0 Rolled for a mile 10
Windy up here Windy up here 0 Spent a bunch of time in the air 10
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball 0 Damaged over 20 remains from the old days 10
I'm down here! I'm down here! 0 Spent a bunch of time underground 10
Splish Splash Splish Splash 0 Spent a bunch of time underwater 10
The Munchies The Munchies 0 Had too many berries. 20

Secret Achievements

You're breathtaking! You're breathtaking! 0 Unlocked all other trophies 100
The World is my Zoo The World is my Zoo 0 Played 10 different animals 10
That's a Pretty Garden That's a Pretty Garden 0 Found 50 mushrooms 15
Landscaping Starlet Landscaping Starlet 0 Found 70 mushrooms 20
Breaking the Chains Breaking the Chains 0 Triggered 20 memories 25
There's more still? There's more still? 0 Found 25 relics 20
This is Getting Heavy	This is Getting Heavy 0 Found 50 relics 40
Look, it's so Shiny Look, it's so Shiny 0 Found a legendary animals 20
Shine Shine Sunshine Shine Shine Sunshine 0 Found and possessed 3 legendary animals 40
Gotta Catch 'Em All Gotta Catch 'Em All 0 Found and possessed all available legendary animals 60
The Cake is a Lie The Cake is a Lie 0 Found a weird cube-shaped thing 25
It's Dangerous to Go Alone It's Dangerous to Go Alone 0 Found a weird triangle-shaped thing 25
It's-a Me! It's-a Me! 0 Found a weird tube-shaped thing 25
Viva Piñata Viva Piñata 0 Found a weird... shaped thing 25
I Choose You I Choose You 0 Found a weird sphere-shaped thing 25
Scarf Glider Scarf Glider 0 Found a weird fashion-shaped thing 25
Behind the Waterfall Behind the Waterfall 0 Found an odd mini-game 40
This is Hard! This is Hard! 0 Got through the Flappy Duckling level 70
The World is Yours The World is Yours 0 Found the golden statue 60