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PACER Achievements

Full list of PACER achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PACER has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Setting the Pace Setting the Pace 0 Acquire all other achievements for this title. 50
A Rising Star A Rising Star 0 Finish a Race event in first place. 10
Globetrotter Globetrotter 0 Travel the total distance equivalent to flying around the world. 100
Space Race Space Race 0 Travel a total distance equivalent to Medium Earth Orbit. 30
Head of the Pack Head of the Pack 0 Finish an Elimination event in first place. 10
Last Pilot Standing Last Pilot Standing 0 Finish an Endurance event in first place. 10
World Star! World Star! 0 Reach the end of the Career Mode. 100
Slow and Steady Slow and Steady 0 Complete a full lap on any track without hitting any Boost Pads. 10
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Complete a Perfect Lap on any track. 25
Waka Waka! Waka Waka! 0 ''Collect' three mines in a Single event. 5
Is that you Purdisc? Is that you Purdisc? 0 Be overtaken by a Pilot that is already ahead of you in any Race event. 5
Pack Leader Pack Leader 0 Stay in First Place for a full lap in a 10 pilot Race. 20
Vengeful Pilot Vengeful Pilot 0 Destroy a craft that destroyed you earlier in the same event. 30
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Destroy 5 unique crafts in a Race event. 30
The 1% The 1% 0 Achieve Gold medals for every event, in any speed class, in Career Mode 80
Full Metal Contact Full Metal Contact 0 Destroy another craft by ramming it. 30
So You're That Guy! So You're That Guy! 0 Collide with every other craft in a 10 pilot event. 10
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 0 Earn 5,000 tech credits. 10
Bringing Home The Bread Bringing Home The Bread 0 Earn 20,000 tech credits. 40
Breaking The Bank Breaking The Bank 0 Earn 50,000 tech credits. 80
Midas Rules Midas Rules 0 Complete the Midas Campaign at any speed class. 15
It's Rocket Surgery It's Rocket Surgery 0 Complete the Dragon Stars Campaign at any speed class. 15
Shining the Brightest Shining the Brightest 0 Complete the Izulu Campaign at any speed class. 15
Destination: Greatness Destination: Greatness 0 Complete the Neumeyer-Tronics Novam Campaign at any speed class. 15
Roll Out Roll Out 0 Complete the Les Lions De L-Afrique AG Campaign at any speed class. 15
Have a Crack Have a Crack 0 Complete the Southern Star Campaign at any speed class. 15
To Boldly Win To Boldly Win 0 Complete the Galaxy Racing Campaign at any speed class. 15
Let's Go Let's Go 0 Complete the Gagarin Campaign at any speed class. 15
Miles Above Miles Above 0 Complete the Garuda Campaign at any speed class. 15
This Time It's W.A.R. This Time It's W.A.R. 0 Complete the Trans-Am Yangs Campaign at any speed class 15
No Training Wheels No Training Wheels 0 Complete the Training Campaign at any speed class. 15
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Win 3 events in a row. 40
Sonic Boom Sonic Boom 0 Reach 1260km/h. 40
Faster?! Faster?! 0 Win one of every type of event at Elite speed. 70