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Super Blood Hockey Achievements

Find all the Super Blood Hockey achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Career Goal First Career Goal 0 Score the first goal of your career. 5
A Basket of Biscuits A Basket of Biscuits 0 Score 10 goals. 10
Rising star Rising star 0 Score 100 goals. 50
First Victory. First Victory. 0 Win your first game. 5
On the Up and Up. On the Up and Up. 0 Win 10 games. 20
Local Legend. Local Legend. 0 Win 100 games. 100
Challenge 1: Outnumbered Challenge 1: Outnumbered 0 Win a 4 vs. 8 game. 30
Challenge 2: Part of the team Challenge 2: Part of the team 0 Win a game while controlling only a single person. 30
Challenge 3: Mega Rumble Challenge 3: Mega Rumble 0 Win a 12 vs. 12 game. 30
Challenge 4: Turbo Mode Challenge 4: Turbo Mode 0 Win a game with players at half their normal weight. 30
Challenge 5: Manual Goalies Challenge 5: Manual Goalies 0 Win a game with manual goalies. 30
Sudden Death Sudden Death 0 Win a game in overtime. 10
World Champion: Finland World Champion: Finland 0 Win the global tournament as team Finland. 40
World Champion: Russia World Champion: Russia 0 Win the global tournament as team Russia. 40
World Champion: USA World Champion: USA 0 Win the global tournament as team USA. 40
World Champion: Sweden World Champion: Sweden 0 Win the global tournament as team Sweden. 40
World Champion: Canada World Champion: Canada 0 Win the global tournament as team Canada. 40
World Champion: North Korea World Champion: North Korea 0 Win the global tournament as team North Korea. 40
World Champion: Czechia World Champion: Czechia 0 Win the global tournament as team Czechia. 40
World Champion: Germany World Champion: Germany 0 Win the global tournament as team Germany. 40
Crippling Blow Crippling Blow 0 Dish out a disabling injury to an opposing player. 10
Blood On Your Hands Blood On Your Hands 0 Fatally injure an opposing player. 20
Massacre On Ice Massacre On Ice 0 Have a total of three or more fatalities in a single game. 40
First Step First Step 0 Win your first Franchise game. 10
Profitable Venture Profitable Venture 0 Increase your Franchise's value to $50,000 or more. 40
Bedridden Burden Bedridden Burden 0 Have an inmate suffer a disabling injury. 10
One For the Dumpster One For the Dumpster 0 Have an inmate die on the ice. 20
Season One Winner Season One Winner 0 Win the first season of the Franchise Mode. 50
Profit Over People Profit Over People 0 Pull the plug on a financial burden. 25
By Any Means By Any Means 0 Purchase illegal drugs. 10
Dead Guinea Pig Dead Guinea Pig 0 Lose an inmate to a drug overdose. 20
The Mark of Failure The Mark of Failure 0 Purge yourself to cleanse the shame of financial failure. 25
Back on the Ice Back on the Ice 0 Rehabilitate a disabled inmate. 50