Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Achievements

Hibernum Creations
Halfbrick Studios

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Comeback Comeback 0 Hit 3 bombs and get a total score over 250 in Arcade 20
Pulpverizer Pulpverizer 0 Slice 5,000 fruit. 40
Fruit Salad Fruit Salad 0 Slice 6 different fruits in one combo 40
Big Money Big Money 0 Slice a Jumbo Starfruit 30
Zensei Zensei 0 Don't miss a single fruit during a Zen game 40
Clean Slate Clean Slate 0 Go back to zero strikes after receiving two 40
All Bonused Out All Bonused Out 0 Get all bonuses at least once in Arcade 30
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath 0 Equip the Fiery shadow and the Fire blade at the same time 30
 In the Spotlight In the Spotlight 0 Stay at least 5 consecutive seconds in a spotlight in Mari's Strawberry Stealth 20
Lightning Fast Lightning Fast 0 Slice 10 fruits inside spotlights without losing points in a game of Mari's Strawberry Stealth 40
Target Practice Target Practice 0 Hit every target in a game of Han's Apple Range 50
Easy There, Tiger Easy There, Tiger 0 Throw 15 daggers in under 5 seconds in Han's Apple Range 30
Nature Lover Nature Lover 0 Let 20 seeds fall back to back in Nobu's Bamboo Strike 20
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 Slice 60 seeds in a single game of Nobu's Bamboo Strike 60
I Don't Give a Flying Fruit I Don't Give a Flying Fruit 0 Slice all propellers in a single game of Katsuro's Ninja Dodge 60
Bring on the Pain Bring on the Pain 0 Get hit by all shurikens in a single Katsuro's Ninja Dodge 60
Welcome to the Festival! Welcome to the Festival! 0 Unlock all four Festival modes 20
Fruit Adept Fruit Adept 0 Reach Ninja belt level 10 20
Fruitarian Fruitarian 0 Reach Ninja belt level 20 20
Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja 0 Reach Ninja belt level 30 20
Juicinator Juicinator 0 Slice 10,000 fruits 40
All for one and one for all! All for one and one for all! 0 Earn a cumulative score of over 650 with your friends in a single Party game 30
Overpowered, much? Overpowered, much? 0 Get 3 powerups at once in ARCADE. 30
Just like a mirror Just like a mirror 0 Do all the Ninja Poses in Party 30
 There ain't no party like a Ninja party There ain't no party like a Ninja party 0 Play 5 consecutive games in Party 30
Surgeon Surgeon 0 Perform a 4-fruit combo with Mini-Fruit 20
The more, the merrier The more, the merrier 0 Have a friend jump in a Quickplay or Festival game 30
Golden Skills Golden Skills 0 Reach 50 slices on the Golden Pomegranate 30
What happened? What happened? 0 Perform 4 combos within a single Freeze powerup 20
Feels like the lottery Feels like the lottery 0 Slice the (not so secret anymore) secret fruit 50