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Hunt: Showdown Achievements

Full list of Hunt: Showdown achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hunt: Showdown has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Initiation Complete Initiation Complete 0 Complete Trainee Mode. 10
Welcome to Tier 2 Welcome to Tier 2 0 Unlock Bloodline Tier 2. 15
Welcome to Tier 3 Welcome to Tier 3 0 Unlock Bloodline Tier 3. 25
Bloodline Peak Bloodline Peak 0 Unlock Bloodline rank 100. 50
Fifty Shades of Survival Fifty Shades of Survival 0 Get a Hunter to level 50. 15
Five-Ace Hand Five-Ace Hand 0 Have 5 level 50 Hunters at the same time. 50
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Have 15 traits on a Hunter at the same time. 15
Vestal Contract Vestal Contract 0 Complete your first Bounty Hunt contract. 15
In the Footsteps of Flaxman Low In the Footsteps of Flaxman Low 0 Investigate 250 clues. 35
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf 0 Kill 50 contract targets solo. 50
Centennial Contractor Centennial Contractor 0 Complete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts. 100
Sealed and Secured Sealed and Secured 0 Close 250 rifts in Quickplay matches. 35
Easier than Mining Sulphur Easier than Mining Sulphur 0 Absorb at least 250 energy from the Wellspring in a Quickplay match. 50
First Come, First Served First Come, First Served 0 Be the first to activate the Wellspring in a Quickplay match. 10
Live to Fight Another Day Live to Fight Another Day 0 Survive a Quickplay match. 25
To The Bitter End To The Bitter End 0 Be the last Hunter standing in a Quickplay match. 50
On the Nose On the Nose 0 Kill 150 monsters with headshots. 30
Debut Debut 0 Kill your first enemy Hunter. 10
Deadeye Deadeye 0 Kill 100 enemy Hunters with headshots. 50
Regards from John L. Sullivan Regards from John L. Sullivan 0 Kill 150 Grunts with the dusters. 30
Sightseeing in the South Sightseeing in the South 0 Visit every Lawson Delta location in one mission. 30
Swamp Tourist Swamp Tourist 0 Visit every Stillwater Bayou location in one mission. 30
All In A Day's Work All In A Day's Work 0 Complete a daily challenge. 10
7 Days Later 7 Days Later 0 Complete a weekly challenge. 15
Monstrous Bibliophile Monstrous Bibliophile 0 Unlock 25 entries in the Book of Monsters. 30
Weapons Bibliophage Weapons Bibliophage 0 Unlock 50 entries in the Book of Weapons. 50

Secret Achievements

Convalescent Home Convalescent Home 0 Retire 25 Hunters. 25
Master Headhunter Master Headhunter 0 Recruit 100 Hunters. 25
Clairvoyant Clairvoyant 0 Locate a contract target without investigating any clue. 10
Simmer down, Hothead! Simmer down, Hothead! 0 Kill an Immolator without making them explode. 10
Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe 0 Kill a contract target with a melee attack. 15
Throw Hammer or Run Throw Hammer or Run 0 Kill an enemy Hunter with a sledgehammer throw. 10
Battering Ram Battering Ram 0 Break 50 doors. 15
Louisiana Fried Chicken Louisiana Fried Chicken 0 Burn 50 chicken coops. 25
Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden 0 Play the gramophone and the piano in one mission. 10
Trinity of Pain Trinity of Pain 0 Be on fire, get poisoned and bleed at the same time. 10
Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb 0 Hide in a toilet. 10