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Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Life is like a jar of pickles Life is like a jar of pickles 0 Complete Chapter 1 50
Gadzooks! It's a HEAD! Gadzooks! It's a HEAD! 0 Complete Chapter 2 50
Knee-deep in Adventure Knee-deep in Adventure 0 Complete Chapter 3 50
Tip Top Adventuring Tip Top Adventuring 0 Complete Chapter 4 50
A true connoisseur A true connoisseur 0 Admire all the paintings in the game 100
Appreciator of Taxidermilogy Appreciator of Taxidermilogy 0 Inspect all the stuffed specimens in the game 100
Extremely Shooful Extremely Shooful 0 Shoo all the pigeons you encounter 100
Exquisite Chattering Exquisite Chattering 0 Talk to every character in the game 100

Secret Achievements

Artful Dodgery Artful Dodgery 0 Evade all the common folk whilst chasing Geoff 200
Grave Danger Grave Danger 0 Avoid all Gravestones in the Ghost Chase 200