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Surviving Mars - Space Race Achievements

Find all the Surviving Mars - Space Race achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Space Shopping Space Shopping 0 Play as USA and have a Geoscape Dome with a Megamall before Sol 100 20
Tao Tao 0 Play as China and have Tai-chi Gardens in 10 Domes before Sol 100 20
Space Capitalism Space Capitalism 0 Play as Blue Sun Corporation and produce $100,000 M Funding before Sol 100 20
Europa Universalis Europa Universalis 0 Play as Europe and reach daily production of 10,000 Research before Sol 100 30
Waste Not, Want Not Waste Not, Want Not 0 Play as India and convert 3000 Waste Rock to useful materials before Sol 100 20
The Pace of Progress The Pace of Progress 0 Play as SpaceY and complete all Sponsor Goals on challenge rating 500% or higher 20
No Pain, No Gain No Pain, No Gain 0 Play as Russia and have 500 colonists on challenge rating 500% or higher 20
The Garden of Eden The Garden of Eden 0 Play as Church of the new Ark and have 250 Colonists at 70+ Comfort before Sol 100 20
Bushido Bushido 0 Play as Japan and train 200 specialists before Sol 100 40
Gold Rush Gold Rush 0 Play as Brazil and convert 2000 Waste Rock to Rare Metals before Sol 100 40

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