Surviving Mars - Green Planet Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Move this Mountain! Move this Mountain! 0 Have a RC Dozer complete a landscaping project 20
Seeds of Life Seeds of Life 0 Harvest Seeds on Mars 20
Red Button Red Button 0 Nuke the Polar Caps 20
Tears of Joy Tears of Joy 0 Have water rain on Mars 20
Fear my Botany Powers! Fear my Botany Powers! 0 Plant a tree 20
Now we need ducks Now we need ducks 0 Have a lake with liquid water 20
Detox Detox 0 Endure the Toxic Rains 20
Skies of Blue Skies of Blue 0 Create blue skies by terraforming 30
Creator of Worlds Creator of Worlds 0 Max all Terraforming Parameters 40
Capital Achievement Capital Achievement 0 Construct a Capital City 40

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