Darkwood Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Secret Achievements

Finished prologue Finished prologue 0 Make it through the Prologue. 30
Kill the pig... Kill the pig... 0 Kill the Mutated Pig inside the pigsheds. 30
Wolf's path Wolf's path 0 Give the key to Wolf. 30
Musician's path Musician's path 0 Give the key to the Musician. 30
Sleep in the grave Sleep in the grave 0 Go to sleep in the grave while dreaming. 30
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 0 Make it to Chapter 2. 40
No sleep for the wicked No sleep for the wicked 0 Kill the Black Chomper while dreaming. 90
Insatiable hunger Insatiable hunger 0 Eat the Mushroom Granny. 90
Bliss Bliss 0 Go to bed in the Epilogue. 90
Burn them all Burn them all 0 Burn the Being in the Epilogue. 90
Trapped villagers Trapped villagers 0 In the swamp, trap the villagers in the quarry with the giant boulder. 90
Entertainer Entertainer 0 Survive Wolf's ambush. 90
Only ashes remain Only ashes remain 0 Burn the Talking Tree. 90
Merciful Merciful 0 Complete Chapter 2 without burning the Talking Tree. 90
Willpower Willpower 0 Do not succumb to the Doctor's trap. 90