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We Were Here Too Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Big Hit Big Hit 0 Escape from the Royal Tomb 50
Payline Payline 0 Escape from the Crypts 50
Occultist Culling Occultist Culling 0 Escape from the Ritual Chamber 50
Esoteric Etymology Esoteric Etymology 0 Assisted in escaping the Ritual Chamber 50
Step by Step Step by Step 0 Escape from the Dark Stairwell 50
Ascending Acuity Ascending Acuity 0 Assisted in escaping the Dark Stairwell 50
The Pointy End The Pointy End 0 Assisted in escaping the Royal Promenade 50
Astriction Constriction Astriction Constriction 0 Escaped the Royal Promenade 50
Layer Illustrator Layer Illustrator 0 Succesfully installed Windows 50
The Joy of Puzzling The Joy of Puzzling 0 Assisted in installing Windows 50
Maze Jogger Maze Jogger 0 Escaped the Arena 50
The Runner Games The Runner Games 0 Assisted in escaping the Arena 50
Parallel Peril Parallel Peril 0 Escaped the Battlefield 50
Gordian Knight Gordian Knight 0 Assisted in escaping the Battlefield 50
Too Hot To Handle Too Hot To Handle 0 Escaped the Incinerator 50
Medium-Rare Medium-Rare 0 Assisted in escaping the Incinerator 50
Relation Elevation Relation Elevation 0 Was this sacrifice neccessary? 50
Ups and Downs Ups and Downs 0 Was there another way? 50
Conundrum Comrades Conundrum Comrades 0 Invite a friend who is good at solving puzzles! 25

Secret Achievements

Another way.. Another way.. 0 ... 75