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Gigantic Achievements

Full list of Gigantic achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gigantic has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Call to Adventure The Call to Adventure 0 Reached Account Level 5. 20
The Path to Greatness The Path to Greatness 0 Reached Account Level 10. 30
Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold 0 Reached Account Level 20. 30
The Road of Trials The Road of Trials 0 Reached Account Level 40. 30
The Vision Quest The Vision Quest 0 Reached Account Level 60. 40
The Boon The Boon 0 Reached Account Level 80. 50
The Hero's Journey The Hero's Journey 0 Reached Account Level 100. 100
Going for the Gold Going for the Gold 0 Reached Rank 7 for a Hero Mastery medal. 30
Victory or Death! Victory or Death! 0 Earned a combined total of 10 Comeback! and Epic Comeback! badges. 50
Prestigious Effort Prestigious Effort 0 Reached Rank 10 for a Hero Mastery medal. 50
Major Arcana Major Arcana 0 Completed one of the Major Arcana Fortune Card sets. 50
Gladiator Gladiator 0 Won 100 matches. 50
Golden Fortune Golden Fortune 0 Completed 7 Rare Fortune Cards. 40
Celestial Fortune Celestial Fortune 0 Completed 7 Legendary Fortune Cards. 50
Meteoric Rise Meteoric Rise 0 Earned a Shooting Star! badge. 25
Creature Comforts Creature Comforts 0 Successfully summoned a creature. 5
Never Give Up Never Give Up 0 Earned a Comeback! badge. 25
Never Surrender Never Surrender 0 Earned an Epic Comeback! badge. 40
Extra Deadly Extra Deadly 0 Earned a Triple Hero Kill! badge. 20
Devastatingly Deadly Devastatingly Deadly 0 Earned a Quadra Hero Kill! badge. 30
Exceptionally Deadly Exceptionally Deadly 0 Earned a Penta Hero Kill! badge. 75
The Harder They Fall The Harder They Fall 0 Earned an Executioner! badge in a match 20
Power Thief! Power Thief! 0 Earned a Power Thief! badge in a match. 30
Ring Out Your Dead! Ring Out Your Dead! 0 Earned a Ring Out! badge. 30
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power 0 Completed the Tutorial. 30
Fortunate Champion Fortunate Champion 0 Completed one of the Hero Fortune Card sets. 50